Don’t panic if you slept through your alarm clock, the day isn’t over yet

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Waking up late is something that no one likes to deal with, although it may feel like it’s needed, it’s an obstacle that seems to stress us out regularly. Even though you’ve set your alarm clock and you hear it go off, the thought of sleeping for just one more hour sounds delightful.

You’ve been in this position before where you know the consequences. You start finding reasons why you deserve to sleep in and even make up a few excuses, you lay there for a few minutes debating whether you should get up or not, and before you know it you're knocked out. …

What to do when nothing seems to be working

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The stress that comes with self-improvement is frustrating and can even at times be unexplainable. Who knows when you’ll ever reach your full potential? For now, you’ve been told to put your head down and get to work when it comes to becoming a better version of yourself. What better time to start than in the first month of 2021.

You’re probably are sick of the number of people who are constantly saying “This is my year!” Or “New year, new me.”

Well, what makes people like this extraordinary is that they have the confidence to say it. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t like to set New Year’s resolutions, you still probably have some goals that you would like to accomplish this year. …

How to be effective in and out of work

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This is probably one of the hardest things we have to do as humans. Finding balance in life is already hard enough but now when factoring in work, the game becomes much harder. We have to work in order to have fun outside of work and so we can eat at the end of the day.

What happens when work starts to take over our lives? We start to forget our true identity outside of work. We catch ourselves having a hard time living life off the clock and we seem to feel like something is missing. …

Stop being afraid of the late-night grind

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In all honesty, sleep feels so good, it’s something that nobody can get enough of. Would you rather sleep all day or eat your favorite food every day for the rest of your life? Hard decision right? It seems that most people would gravitate to sleep.

This is when our minds are finally at peace and not only our minds but our body as well. Being this relaxed is rare nowadays with the busy work schedules we have along with the addition of scrolling through social media all night long.

When we start on our side hustles or decide to get an early start on schoolwork, we find ourselves only having time to work on most of that work at the end of our day. We have personal needs to take care of along with the work we have to do to stay alive and be able to live a life that doesn’t cause us to suffer. …

Be one with yourself and loneliness will disappear

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It’s common for us to feel alone, we like interaction because we’re human. This goes for introverts and extroverts, while some introverts like to have only a few friends to talk to every now and then, extroverts like to be in a wide social circle at all times.

As the world is still going through a pandemic, it’s recommended that we stay home. This has been a lonely experience for many and at times it seems like it’s never going to get better. …

Your “future” isn’t promised, so why worry?

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Thinking about the future is a habit, you catch yourself doing it all of the time. It’s not something you do on purpose, it’s become automatic over time. Is this a bad habit? Well, yes and no, you have to think about your future at least every now and then. How else are you supposed to plan ahead of time so that your life doesn’t turn into a giant mess?

The more you start to think about your future, the more uncertain you get. This isn’t a good feeling by any means but it has its benefits believe it or not. For one, it’s good to think about your future so that you can be organized for when that time comes. …

Start looking at what’s going on around you and you will be ahead of most

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Have you ever looked at what’s going on around you? It can be so easy to get distracted by our thoughts and neglect what’s going on right in front of us.

There have been numerous times where I’ve missed a big play in basketball when watching it on t.v. Even when we’re talking to people, we forget that they came to us to discuss their problems, not vice versa.

What if we were to be just a little quieter in these situations? …

A few options to take when figuring out your purpose

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What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it a job that you have, people you have to take care of, or because you actually want to? The responsibilities we have here on earth came to us unexpectedly. We weren't born into these responsibilities, they came over time by the decisions we made and by the people we met.

If our fate here on earth was already mapped out, is there a point in even trying?

Can we just sit around and let our fate take its course? If it’s already made then why is there a need to still depend on a bigger and better life than we have now? We all have our reasons why we live the life that we live and our reasons for having the dreams and goals we have. …

Not all of your workdays have to be dreadful

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Work can get tiring, there are going to be days where we just don’t feel like going in. It’s not that we hate what we do but it just doesn’t satisfy us enough to want to come in all of the time. If you’re working at a job right now where you’re using the money to invest in your future or even to make ends meet, you don’t have to get stressed out every time you’re about to clock in.

Has there ever been a day where you were excited to clock into work? This usually is not the case unless we’re excited to see a coworker that we usually get along with or if there’s something that we have to look forward to after our shift is over. …

You’re so close to the finish line and you don’t even know it

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How long have you been studying for or have been working on your side hustles? It’s been a while probably and you’re thinking that you should be seeing some results by now. Well, you're not alone, there are people every day deciding to start working on a new business idea and there are also people daily who are deciding to give up on their passions with only being a few months in.

The fact that you’re still working on your craft without seeing results means something. You stand out from the crowd, you have an ability to keep pushing that not many others have. You’re probably wondering how long is it going to take until you reach that financial goal you have or reach the amount of status you’ve been craving since you were a child. …


Brandon Bell

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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