Who’s to say someone won't leave?

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Throughout life you meet new people, some of those people become your friends and even a fewer amount of those people become your close friends. Over time you build a strong relationship with those close friends and they become part of your life.

All of a sudden, a few of those friends have the courage to switch up on you, the reason for doing so is unclear to you but you know that it doesn't feel good. You were just talking to this person yesterday and all of a sudden they’re no longer cool with you.

Whatever the reason may…

Don’t let it haunt you

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Stress is something that everyone is trying to figure out, there has to be a way to get rid of it right? There are people who you know personally who seem to be living life on easy mode, everything of theirs is paid for and everything goes their way, or at least that’s how it looks on social media.

There are also people who are just very comfortable with stress and they don't let it affect them too much. The goal for most of us is to become that person who doesn't let stress deter them from living a good…

Your life becomes easier when embracing the truth

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Lying is something only a child does right? Well, even those small lies you tell are just as bad as those big lies you told when you were a kid. They both may save you some time and some trouble but they both have the same impact on the person you told.

Have you ever been lied to?

It’s the worse when you find out because you feel like that person deceived you or you get mad at yourself for even believing the lie. When it comes to lying and avoiding accountability, you’re basically talking about the same thing.


You need it to grow

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Do you have one failure in your life that has completely set you back? Maybe, maybe not, but everyone fails from time to time and everyone has a failure that will stick with them forever.

Having the mindset of “it’s okay to fail” isn't the healthiest but coming into terms with reality, you realize that failure is part of life. As much as we would like to think that we’re all geniuses, we’re not and life does a good job of proving us wrong.

You can still be successful even when you fail, you have to try things in order…

Thoughts become things

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You wonder why bad things keep happening to you, they don't happen to anyone else but you. For some reason, you think you have the worse luck in the world. The key to turning your life around is contained in the sentence prior to this one.

You “think” you have the worst luck, since you think you do and you have come to believe that you do, the universe gives you what you want. …

Hold off on the complaining just a little bit

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If you really want to know, there are a few people who genuinely care about your problems. These people include your friends and your family and maybe your significant other, but the reality of any situation you’re in when it comes to complaining about your problems is that many people don't care.

It hurts to hear but it’s true, think about all of the problems you’re friends are having right now in their life. …

Use your mind and take action to obtain your ideal life

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Do you ever feel average? It’s not the worst feeling in the world but it’s also not the best feeling either. There’s something that just feels off when you realize that you’re average. There’s nothing wrong with average and as a matter of fact, some people wish to be average at best.

You may be average to the world but from your perspective, you can be as great as you want to be. If you think the right thoughts and take the right actions, you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be. …

An easy way to add inner peace into your life

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Every single day of our lives, we feel like we need to be doing something at all times. Whether this is sleeping or going to a party, we feel the need to always be doing something so that we don't waste our lives doing anything.

While our time here on Earth is limited, we should always use some of that time to sit in peace. If we’re constantly moving and we’re always out and about doing something, we need to have that inner peace with us.

You may think that you already have some sort of inner peace in your…

What you give is what you get

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Your day was going fine until you hit a bump in the road, in just a matter of seconds, your life went from “okay” to “horrible.” When you woke up this morning you probably dreaded the fact that your alarm clock went off and you wanted to go back to sleep but your everyday responsibilities wouldn't let you.

Instead of being grateful for another morning, you instantly hopped out of bed and complained to yourself about how much sleep you’re not getting. …

This is much needed time for yourself

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When was the last time you took a break from everything? Your life is filled with many distractions, yet you still look for more and more of them. These distractions are addicting at first but after a while they become tiring, you don't know when to stop or even how to stop.

Going monk mode is the solution to getting your life back on track and getting your mind in the right direction. Are you scared to put all of your distractions on a hold? …

Brandon Bell

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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