Choose to live in the moment and see what happens

What causes anxiety for most people? To put it simply, it’s their fear for the future. For children, they may have anxiety based upon entering a new school once they graduate from their old one. They’re scared of the possibility of not making any friends at their new school and getting good grades as well.

For young adults, their anxiety may come from fear about their future career and when they will be able to move out of their parent's house. Lastly, for older adults, their anxiety may come from fear of how they will be able to retire.


Do you know how many people write about anxiety daily?

Before you start thinking about becoming a blogger, you need to take into consideration a few things. If you’re someone who’s going to write about your anxiety then you need to know that it’s not going to be easy all of the time. Second, you are not guaranteed to blow up on whatever platform you are writing on immediately. Lastly, your anxiety will not go away forever once you start blogging about it.

So, what’s the point of becoming a blogger then? Blogging is made for people like you and me who deal with anxiety every now and then. …

Anxiety makes us do the unthinkable

Unfortunately, anxiety comes in waves and you never see when it’s going to take over your life. This can last for days, weeks, and even months but knowing that these feelings come in waves lets you know that it won’t last forever.

There are many ways to get rid of your anxiety but they don’t always work, there are many ways to cope with anxiety but those don't always work either. Sometimes your anxiety gets so bad that you can’t control how you feel. …

Get out of your own way

Many people fail to realize that they are their biggest obstacle, there’s nothing else holding them back but themselves. It’s hard to come to this realization because we’ve been taught to blame others and blame external forces for our own mistakes at times.

We do this to save ourselves from embarrassment and from getting into any trouble. You have a record to keep a hold of and you don’t want people to see you as someone who has made all of these mistakes during your life.

This can also be referred to as your ego, it’s okay to have an…

What to do when you lose yourself

Everything is moving so fast, here in the U.S., places are starting to open back up, and mask mandates are being lifted in certain states. People are getting back to work and before we know it, everything will seem like how it was before.

Of course, things will never be the same but it’s almost safe to say that the world has adjusted to this virus. In the midst of all these people who have either lost themselves or found themselves, congrats to the people who have found themselves but what about the people who didn’t.

Even before the pandemic…

Stop getting lost during mid-conversation

Having a conversation sounds so simple yet it can be so hard to deal with at times. Different factors play into whether a conversation is going well or if it’s going bad.

A few of these factors can be external like talking in the middle of bad weather, talking in a loud environment, and even talking when in a busy environment. All of these external factors can make conversations rushed and come to an end fast.

No one ever leaves the conversation fully satisfied, it even comes to a point where you start to think about how unnecessary the conversation…

We complicate our lives by interacting with the wrong people

As you may know from different experiences, not everyone is going to like you. The more you try to get everyone to like you, the deeper the hole you’re putting yourself into. Look at the people you get along with, you never really question why you get along with them, everything is natural.

But then there are people who you don’t get along with. That person who you’ve tried to get along with in the past but it just didn’t work out. …

T.V. before bed can’t be that bad right?

The typical zillenial probably has a show that they’ve been keeping up with for the past days or even weeks. It gives us a sense of comfort to know that we can come back home to a show at the end of the day and focus our minds on something that isn’t work or school-related.

There are many ways a human can calm their mind at night. Everyone has their own method of going to bed but it can be harder for some more than others. …

There’s always someone to talk to…

People have their own beliefs about a higher power and they have the right to. Whether you trust in the universe or God, there’s a belief you have about the way life works. It can be hard not having anyone to talk to whenever you’re going through some tough days.

You can’t talk to your friends necessarily about certain things because they don’t know that side of you and you don't want them to see it. You also have family you could talk to but they either give you some advice that’s really hard to take in or they give…

Knowing when you should talk

Who doesn't like to talk about their life whether it’s going good or bad? We all go through different obstacles and different situations but we never have an easy time holding it in, unless we have no one to talk to.

When you do find someone to talk to, you feel free, you feel like what comes out of your mouth is the most important sentence in the world. …

Brandon Bell

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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