A skill looked down upon

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You’ve probably seen some sort of salesman today whether it was in person, on your phone, or even on t.v. The typical person who is not in sales may have controversial thoughts when it comes to a salesperson.

You can't blame them, there are many negative reviews online and people have been taught from a young age to stay away from these sorts of people. Everyone should learn how to sell, it’s a skill that doesn't have to be used only in the office but also in your social life.

Have you ever thought about getting into some sort of…

Nope, everyone can’t be your friend…

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Have you ever realized that the best conversations you have started from talking about stuff you don't really care about? When you’re with friends and you’re asking them how they're doing, your more so trying to get a conversation started rather than actually hearing about what’s going in their life.

You may be curious at first but part of you wants to go into a deep conversation with them where you can talk about what you’ve been going through as well.

Life is truly about people and as much as we want it to be only about ourselves, it's not…

You don’t know what they know

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You’re experienced in many different things in life and so are others, someone always knows something that you don’t. You don’t know everything, is there a reason why you want to know everything?

Some people are very smart in certain areas of life, they specialize in something they either found interesting or that they care about. Many of the world’s most useful inventions were made because someone had an ongoing issue that bothered them so much to the point where they did an extensive amount of research on that problem.

This is the same way how many students pick their…

Yes, another article about honesty

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The truth can either make someone very happy or very sad. Do you think that everyone wants to hear the truth all of the time? We don't always know what we want, we say we want one thing but on the other end really wanting something else.

When someone gives us their honest perspective on a situation, we’re surprised because their way of thinking is like ours. Since when should we be angry at another person's opinion, especially when it’s honest?

Being honest with someone can make them feel very uncomfortable, it can also make you feel the same way…

Your ego doesn't want to hear it…

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What kind of student are you or were you when in school? Are you someone who usually asks a lot of questions or were you someone who never raised their hand and still found a way to pass?

Asking questions has become a foreign concept in the modern world, for some reason we believe that we’re supposed to figure out everything ourselves or know it already for whatever reason.

You don’t have to be afraid to ask questions, people love helping other people or they at least like to look smart in from of others. …

When’s the last time you bought a calendar?

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From the ages of 1 to 17, you probably didn’t think about how important having a schedule was. You didn't realize how important it was that you had your days organized, especially when you got busy.

The old you would've just winged it but now that you’ve taken on more responsibilities and you’re more aware of how life plays out, you know how important is to have an organized schedule.

There’s only one problem, your schedule is far from organized, but do you want to know a secret? No one has a perfect schedule! …

You get to have your own story

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People tend to forget that their story is currently in the making, it’s not over because you had one bad day. Be happy that you have your own story and be aware of it as well. Your story started when you were born, you don't remember the first few years because you were living life at the present moment.

As a child, you weren’t worried about yesterday or tomorrow, you were only worried about what was going on at the moment. When your favorite t.v. show came one, you were hooked to the screen for thirty minutes to an hour.

Not everyone has someone they can go to

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Are you at a point in your life where you have people you can go to at any time? These people are usually friends, family, and even close acquaintances that are getting close to being called your friend.

Unfortunately, not everyone has someone they can go to whether it’s just for a conversation or even for some advice. We were put on this earth to help each other but some people don't know how to ask. This can be a number of reasons but it’s important that we try to help these people out.

Of course, they should probably go…

Dorm or no dorm, you’re in for a big surprise

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Are you looking forward to your first semester at your new school or are you having some anxiety about what's to come? It’s okay to have either one of these feelings. College isn’t all fun and games, it’s filled with challenging and tedious tasks that transition you to adulthood.

You have seen some movies or tv shows where college looks like this epic adventure where you go to parties every week and meet all kinds of cool people. Don't get me wrong, it’s possible to have that lifestyle in college but it’s not as enjoyable as you think.

Also, what…

Tonight affects tomorrow…

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It’s hard to think about how tomorrow will be based on the amount of rest we get and on how our night goes today. Coming home at night after work is a feeling of relief at times, other times it could give you a very anxious feeling.

You need to start taking your nights seriously, especially if you want to start waking up in a better mood and be more productive as well. We don't often think about what mood we’re in when we go to sleep, our eyes start to fall and we assume that it’s time for bed.

Brandon Bell

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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