A Gen Z Way of Calming Your Mind at Night

T.V. before bed can’t be that bad right?

The typical zillenial probably has a show that they’ve been keeping up with for the past days or even weeks. It gives us a sense of comfort to know that we can come back home to a show at the end of the day and focus our minds on something that isn’t work or school-related.

There are many ways a human can calm their mind at night. Everyone has their own method of going to bed but it can be harder for some more than others. Sleep is a big part of each and every one of our lives but for some reason, it’s not a priority to many of us.

No matter how old you are, you can probably agree with me that sleep is amazing. Who doesn't like to sleep? Even though you can’t afford to sleep in when you want to, you still enjoy it while it lasts.

You know that you love sleep because you’re the same person who’s at work every day saying “ I can't wait to go home and sleep!” You don’t have to have any shame about being someone who loves sleep, even the most successful people in the world make sleeping a priority.

Jeff Bezos says that he takes his sleeping schedule very seriously because it plays a major role in his job. He makes sure that he gets at least eight hours of sleep a night so he can go to work and make decisions that need to be made.

In his position as CEO of Amazon, most of his work isn’t hard physical labor, it’s decision-making and in order to make his best decisions in a timely manner, he makes sure he gets enough sleep.

Think about how much better your life would be if you were able to get more sleep than you do now. This all starts from what you do before bed and how often you do it. Some people choose to write in a journal before they go to bed but zillenials tend to pick a show to watch so they can go to bed with a peaceful mind.

Choosing What Show to Watch

This is one of the hardest parts of this routine which is why it should be done when you actually have time to search for shows. An ideal time to look for a new show to watch or to decide on what show you’re going to watch that night is in the morning of that day.

Try doing this when you’re having your breakfast. Many of us tend to have a quick breakfast anyways but just look for little time slots during the day when you’re not doing anything.

Find a show that you think will pique your interest and go from there. If you’re having a hard time deciding on which show to watch you can ask a friend or someone you know who has great taste in movies or shows.

You’ve probably been recommended a ton of shows by your friends but you never got around to them. If you want, you can start making a list of the shows you’ve always wanted to watch mixed with recommendations that you’re getting from other sources.

If you have social media then you can see what shows are trending the most on that social media platform. One of the shows that are trending right now amongst almost all streaming platforms is Snowfall.

Even I’ve been recommended this show by one of my closest friends and every time we get on the phone they can’t stop talking about it. This also makes for great conversations with your friends because you both can give your own perspectives of what you think about the show and it makes the experience of watching the show a whole lot better.

You also want to take into consideration what types of shows you’ve watched in the past and how much you enjoyed those. If you’ve always been into comedy then your next show to look for maybe a comedic one.

The same goes for any genre as well, as long as you like those types of shows in the past. You don’t want to overcomplicate this process because this is your show for the end of the day, a show that you watch before you go to bed so don't think about it too much but at the same time be wise about your decision.

Having Self Control

When you do find a show to watch you want to make sure that you’re focusing on the show as much as you can. You probably will check your phone a few times while the show is going on but you don’t want to check each and every minute. before you know it, you’ll be on social media for an hour and you will know everything that’s going on in the show.

Have some self-control and limit the number of times you check your phone during the show. If you feel like you can't get off of your phone during that time, shut it off and put it somewhere far away.

Something else that will help you stay off of your phone while watching your show is to look for little clues during the show to see what will happen next. Many of the t.v. shows today are made by amazing directors and the plot of the shows are usually unpredictable and hard to figure out.

When you take the chance to guess what is going to happen next in the show you are making the experience fun. You won’t worry about your phone when trying to figure these clues out.

This is what I did with the last show I watched on Netflix and it allowed me to stay off of my phone for a full 30 minutes each time. T.V. before bed isn’t a big step forward from being on your phone before bed but at least you’re breaking that addiction almost every human has.

Also, you’re going to want to pay attention to the show so that you can talk about it with some friends and give your reasons as to why the show is so good. Conversations get boring when you’re not able to have input and you make the other person feel like they’re talking to themselves.

You want to be comfortable when you’re watching the show so you can focus and also get a little sleepy before the show is over. That way, when the show does end you’re ready to go to sleep and have dreams that are related to the show as well. This is a weird byproduct of watching a show before bed but from personal experience, it has made my dreams fun and it has also helped me to predict what’s going to happen in the next episode as well.

You don't have to watch a show before you to bed but if you’re really having trouble going to sleep, give this technique a try and see how it works for you.

Feeling at Peace Before Sleep

After you watch your show you’ll either feel two ways: one, you’ll want to watch another episode and stay up longer. Two, you’ll be tired enough to go to bed and wait till tomorrow to watch the next episode.

This is why it’s important to watch a show that’s calming at the end of the day. Being at peace before you go to sleep is a feeling that not many people get to have every night.

Take advantage of this routine while you can and let others know how it has helped you. Again, everyone is different and they may not respond to a show at night as you would.

Don’t try to force anyone to do this method but if you ever hear someone talk about they’re having trouble going to sleep, recommend this method to them. The goal of this method is for you to get better sleep at night, if this doesn't work for then you are more than welcome to try a different method and see how that works for you.

Adding Netflix into your night routine has the capability of letting you go to bed at peace. your nights shouldn't be stressful, they should be ended with a smile on your face. I’ll leave you with a quote from Vilayat Inayat Khan that says

“The human spirit lives on creativity and dies in conformity and routine.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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