Being a “Work in Progress” is Actually a Good Thing, Here’s Why

Welcome to the self-improvement club

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Doing the same thing every single day can get exhausting.

We tend to shake up or lives every now and then but it’s not enough.

Something always feels like it’s missing, are we really doing the right thing?

Life starts to become repetitive when trying to improve ourselves. It usually takes us a long time to build in more productive routines in our lives. Or it can get tiring when working on our dreams every day and not seeing any results.

Whenever we talk to our friends we describe ourselves as a “work in progress.” Letting them know that we are trying to become better people but it’s taking us longer than we expected.

Self-improvement is persuasive, it’s crazy to think that hearing a few words from a motivational speaker or an audiobook can have the ability to change our lives instantly when in reality it only changes for that specific moment.

If you’re constantly working on yourself for the better then you shouldn’t be ashamed of calling yourself a “work in progress,” for the rest of the article we’ll refer to this term as WIP.

It’s possible to become a more productive and happier person but it’s impossible to be perfect. Even some people who you may consider to be perfect don’t refer to themselves as perfect because they know that it’s impossible.

You’re on this journey alone, you may have a few friends or members of your family to help you along the way but it’s going to take some courage. Stop looking at being a WIP as a bad thing and use it as motivation to transform yourself.

It may take a while for you to reach your peak but there are some things that you can keep in mind when being a WIP.

You will never be perfect

Trying to be perfect is not a good goal to have, it only leads you into more self-hate. Many people can respect you for having these standards for yourself but they’ll also display your doubt for you as well.

Everyone knows that it’s impossible to be perfect, you have to become close to it, but even that is a little far-fetched. The goals that you want to have as a WIP should be ones that make you anxious but excited at the same time. Even though these goals seem impossible to accomplish at times, they will lead you in the right direction to self-improvement.

You need to aim for something that is only meant for you and that is to become the best version of yourself.

Everyone has different levels that lead up to their potential, life is about unlocking these levels one at a time so that you can use each one to unlock another. Figuring out how you can unlock your potential is a mindset that not too many people who call themselves a WIP have.

Now, what are your intentions for wanting to become your best you? If it's to be perfect, then you can throw that dream away. If it’s to help others then you may know more to life than you thought.

Nothing will help you to smile more than helping somebody grow as an individual.

This reminds me of playing soccer when I was young. I was the only one out of my friend group who played the sport. For some reason whenever they wanted to play with me, I became bored and unmotivated. It wasn’t until I taught them how to properly play where I started to have fun with them again.

The secret to becoming the best version of yourself is to help others as well.

Being a WIP keeps your life exciting

Are you a dream chaser?

Are you somebody who’s willing to do whatever it takes to reach your dream goal?

You may think that you are a dream chaser, but have you really tried to do everything in your power to reach that accomplishment that’s always on your mind?

If we’re being honest here I’m guilty of this sometimes. Laziness and procrastination tend to kick when I least expect it, but knowing that I have an opportunity and that I am a WIP keeps me motivated to keep working on those dreams.

You don't have to take “dream chaser” out of your vocabulary but try to remind yourself more of why you call yourself this.

One tip that you should always have in mind is to start being comfortable with being the underdog. Start using doubt and hate to your advantage, use it to fuel you and to keep working hard.

Maybe your passion is photography, be excited that not many people know about you yet, have fun with the journey, prove those haters wrong. You don’t want to give a lot of attention to people who don’t believe in you but you want to remind yourself of them whenever you feel lazy or you start to procrastinate. Don’t let them get the last laugh.

Also, don’t you want to prove yourself wrong? Yes, you should believe in yourself but every now and then you will experience some moments of doubt, use that as motivation as well.

Being a WIP is exciting, your on an adventure to becoming your true self. The version of yourself that is filled with enthusiasm and positive energy. Learn how to capitalize on your losses, if you want to become a winner you’re going to have to experience how bad losing can be at times.

Remember the good, bad, and the ugly, at the end of the day it’s all you’ll remember when you're successful.

Allows more balance into you your life

Embrace the fact that you’re a “work in progress,” nobody will be nice enough to tell you anyways. We’re all trying to figure out how we can have more balance in our lives. Think about this, why would you want more balance in your life then there ready is?

Your life is already balanced, it may not be what you think it should be but it is. Asking for more balance will only lead you to more stress. Having more humility about how your life is right now, seems like a good balance to me.

Everything good or bad that has happened to you was for a reason. If you can’t come to terms with that then you’re going to keep beating yourself up for mistakes that were inevitable. You need to experience mistakes in life in order to have balance.

What does balance actually mean to you?

Somebody else’s definition of balance may be different from yours because you both have different experiences that led you to those definitions.

As I say in most of my articles, you aren't guaranteed anything in life. Life will not voluntarily give you things because you think that you deserve them. Start having more conversations with yourself and try to figure out what balance means to you and how you can attain it.

Being a WIP is all about learning new things about yourself and how you can use those things to your advantage.

There are many great teachers in the world but you will be the first person to notice when you change for the better. You don’t have to teach yourself everything but one thing that you should learn is balance. Once discovering what balance is in its essence then you’ll start to see growth in your journey to self-improvement.

Don’t be discouraged when calling yourself a “work in progress.” Your life is something that you can control with the right tools and mindset. I’ll leave you with a quote from P.C. Cast that says

“I seek strength, not to be greater than others, but to fight my greatest enemy, the doubts within myself.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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