Being an Introvert vs. Being Shy

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What Is an Introvert?

An introvert is classified by a person who likes to spend time alone since they feel most at peace when they are by themselves and may even feel worn-out when socializing with other people. Introverts also have the trait to be most productive and most efficient when working on something alone, knowing that their process is going to make them feel most at ease when completing a project or assignment. There are many people who prefer the introverted route but there are also people who tend to call themselves introverted for the main reason that they are just plain out shy.

Naturally Being Shy

When it comes to shyness a lot of ordinary people are ashamed to admit that part of themselves. In society, the word “shy” can be thought of very negatively, making a person sound weak or not confident. While being shy can be seen as an action, it is also an emotion. Everyone has emotions and some emotions can be more relevant to some than others. Being shy involves avoiding others for the simple fact of not wanting to be judged. Of course, being naturally shy is ok too, sometimes it can stop you from saying things you might regret.

Why They Are Always Grouped Together

Most of the time, these two titles are used in the wrong way and can be confused with one another. The reason for being so is because both relate to a form of being anti-social, for many these two terms are banked into the same realm when thinking of someone who is mostly quiet as well. These thoughts of most can also cause people who are shy and introverted to question themselves.

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Which One Are You?

In retrospect, being shy isn’t all bad and being an introvert has its respects too. It’s fine to think that you may share some of the traits of each title. While having their advantages, it can also be a stressful situation. This is only because of the typical human condition of wanting to be cared for, like many you may feel alone at times, but whichever label you put on yourself be happy with it and use to your full advantage.

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