Building Motivation On a Car Ride

If you’re feeling lost, take a drive

Brandon Bell
6 min readJun 21, 2021


You may be someone who is in their car every day or every few days, your car is an essential part of your life and you need it in order to live life. Every car owner knows there are a few times out of the day where having a car ride can be therapeutic.

There’s no real science behind it but it’s something that almost everyone can relate to. Even if you’re not a car owner, you know that there have been some emotional times in the back seat or passenger seat of a car. You need your car in a sense or you at least need the feeling that it gives you.

Having a time of day where you can drive and listen to music at the same time is something you look forward to. Moments like this can easily build motivation and allow you to take charge of your life.

You won’t always have the perfect car ride but as long as you’re able to drive to a certain destination, you will have more than enough time to clear your head.

A car ride is almost needed for your everyday life, you can function without a car but it has become very convenient for you. Don't forget about the times when you were a child and were able to experience many car rides with your elders.

It was fun, whether you were taking a road trip or whether you were taking a drive to your local grocery store. If you need some motivation in your life, try taking a car ride. It may sound silly but there are so many thoughts that will come to your mind once you do.

You’re not surrounded by anybody and you have the freedom to sing as loud or as low as you would like to. It’s not like you’re out in public singing these songs, you’re in your little kingdom and you can do whatever you want.

Start looking at your car as something more than transportation and look at it as something that can give you long-term motivation.

Playing Music In The Car

What’s you’re favorite type of music to listen to in the car, is it jazz, rock, r&b…? Being able to play music in your car has been done since the 1930s, this was the start of an era.

People were able to live life a little more stress-free since then because they had the…



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