Change Your Thoughts While You Can

You’re in the way of accomplishing your goals

There are days where you wake up in a bad mood or very cranky, your mind isn’t ready for the day and you don’t know what’s going on. This usually leads to what you would call having an “off” day.

This is normal and almost every human has experienced this frustrating feeling, your life is going good but something seems to be off. You feel like you can’t be as positive as you want to be and you feel like everything you do is a struggle.

The problem that’s happening here is you’re blocking yourself. That’s right, it may sound silly but you’re the one who’s in control of how your day goes, at least internally.

Your perspective may have got thrown off for some reason but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it back on track. It’s hard to do this from time to time because even when we feel like we’re having an “off” day, something else ends up happening that serves as another obstacle in your way.

So, now you have to deal with the obstacle of getting your mind right and then something that is out of your control. This can cause a lot of stress but remember you are in control of your thoughts.

You may not want to believe this or this may sound a little fishy to you but it’s true. Think about a time in your life where changing the mindset helped you defeat an obstacle.

Maybe when you were younger you thought that you would never be able to jump rope with your friends. Eventually, you saw other people doing it and that led you to the thought of “oh wait, if they can do it, so can I.”

This was a life-changing moment for you without you even realizing it and it has helped you get through some of life’s tougher times. Whenever you’re having a bad start to your day, think back to a time as I mentioned above from your childhood for a reminder that you are blocking yourself.

Acknowledge That You’re Blocking Yourself

‘The first step to unblocking yourself is to acknowledge that you’re the one who’s blocking yourself” said Detroit rapper Big Sean. This is true, how are you supposed to move past this blockage if you can’t take responsibility for it?

It’s easier to blame others or blame some type of external force for giving you this mental blockage, but ultimately, what is that doing for you? You’re just making excuses, and you know that someone who is constantly making excuses is someone who is usually having a hard time accepting their inner problems.

This is common though and like I said before everyone goes through times like this in their life. If you want to start being a complainer and start taking action in your life for living with a sense of purpose, you need to really ask yourself what’s going on.

You may have your own way of talking to yourself whether that’s taking a drive in your car and speaking out loud or going into a quiet place like your room and talking to yourself in your head.

You need to remember that God has given you life for a reason, He never guaranteed us that life was going to smooth sailing and as you know by now it’s not.

He put you here because He knows what you’re capable of, He knows your strengths and He knows you have the power to change your life for the better. So, if you’re someone who tends to blame someone else for your problems, try to stop yourself the next time you do it.

Take a pause and breathe, take responsibility for how you’re feeling, and be the bigger person in the situation. It may not be your day no matter how positive you’re acting but that positive karma will come back to you in an even better way than you can ever imagine.

If you’re having a hard time telling yourself that you’re blocking yourself then you may need to take some time to write it down. The first sentence you need to write is “I’m blocking myself” and that’s it. From there you can write about ideas you may have about unblocking yourself and different steps you can take as well.

Change Your Thoughts

Has anyone ever told you how powerful your thoughts are? What usually happens before you take any type of action that isn’t habitual? You think about what you’re going to do, you have thoughts.

Once you’ve accepted that you’re the one who’s blocking yourself, you need to then start switching your thoughts. When you’re blocking yourself you usually have a lot of thoughts that start with “I can’t.” This usually comes when we’re doing something scary for the first time or when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

This has happened to me many times with my schoolwork where I’ve received so much homework to do in such a short time span that I doubt myself and think that I won’t get it done.

Instead of saying to yourself that you “can’t” do something, start saying “ I can.” You’re literally switching one word and this one word can make a huge impact in your life. You have to believe in yourself first in foremost for anything to get done that may seem overwhelming.

When you tell yourself that you can do something, you’re becoming your own hypeman and you get more energized. If you’ve ever played sports when you were younger or even now, you may see that your performance begins to change when people from the sidelines start to cheer you on.

You go from being exhausted to feeling like you can play for another hour. In life, you’re not always going to have people rooting you on from the sideline, as of matter of fact, you’ll have people booing you from time to time.

This why it’s important to keep your thoughts positive so that you can be more comfortable under pressure and when you’re feeling stressed out. Self-talk is important and some of the greatest athletes in the world use it to their advantage every game.

You may even catch a clip of them on t.v.from time to time yelling at themselves for motivation or even giving themselves a high five. You need to be in the same mindset if you want to overcome life’s greatest obstacles.

Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

Give Yourself Time to Change

Being able to change your mindset for the better takes time and it’s something that shouldn’t be rushed. With enough repetition, you will be able to get into a more positive mindset with less struggle.

You have to give yourself time to change because the thoughts that you are putting out into the universe have to travel. These thoughts take minutes, hours, days to fully get soaked into the world and the universe also needs time to respond to your thoughts and everyone else's.

Be patient in the process and let good things happen to you, you may not see positive outcomes in your life initially but if wait long enough and you stop complaining, they will come, especially if you believe.

Over time, your thoughts will become more important to you and you will understand the power that is behind them. You won’t take these thoughts for granted anymore especially when you see the outcomes that they give you.

Stop blocking yourself, I know it’s a habit but you can stop if you really wanted to. No one is going to feel sorry for you, you’re going to have to put in the work to change your perspective for the better. I’ll leave you with a quote from Israelmore Ayivor that says

“If you don’t see the images on a screen because people block your view, it is easier to adjust your sitting position than to call for an adjustment of the screen! You need to change yourself!”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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