Do Things Now! Time Is Almost Up!

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Defeat Regret At All Cost

I’m 19, what do I know about life right? One thought that seems to try and defeat me the most is the thought and feeling of regret. It’s easy to say “no” and shy away from expectations. The question to ask yourself is “If I don’t do this now how will this moment affect my life in the future?”

Easier Said Than Done

In reality we’re human, of course it’s easier to say things than to do things. Everyone gets nervous, it’s human nature. So the question here is “ How can I put my words into action?” It almost seems impossible, it may even cause you to overthink a little. One method that is recommended by a New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris, is to write down any situation that you think may have unforgiving consequences. Or situations that just plain out make you feel scared and overwhelmed. After writing that thing down, list everything that you think can go wrong and on another list write down things you can do to prevent them. After seeing both sides, you come to the realization of how that situation may not be that bad. To prevent yourself from not taking any action don’t over think it, don’t even say anything, just do it. Do it so that you can tell yourself that you at least tried and that there will not be any regret afterwards.

Who Cares What He or She Thinks

It’s not only consequences that becomes our biggest fear but also what other people think about us too. Everyone believes that they are seen in a particular light, and to some extent we are. This simple but destructive thought tends to limit us from reaching our full potential. How do we defeat this thought? My guess is just by doing whatever the task is and telling yourself one thing, “it can either go good or bad.” Approaching difficult situations with confidence can be a big help as well. Social media tends to put teenagers and young adults into a world of fear. Your followers or even the people you think are your friends because they like every picture you post are not the ones deciding your future…YOU ARE!

Time Is Almost Up!

Death is not thought about enough. One of the true ways to motivate anybody going through a rough time is to talk about death. Without taking a dark turn, the reason many people fail to do things they are anxious about is because they think they will have many more chances to do it. It’s the same thing when guys see a girl that they think is beautiful but tell themselves “no, its bad timing,” “I’ll probably see her around again, i’m just not feeling it” and then you never see her again, unless its online where you’re still afraid to talk to her. So when facing fear filled situations think about that moment being your only chance and the sooner you do it, the sooner it will be over.

We’re All Human

By the time you reached this point in the blog I hope you are feeling more comfortable and confident with yourself. Before even taking this new perspective of life into consideration, remember you are human and so is everyone else. Not every situation is going to go the way you plan. Mistakes happen and sometimes life is out of your control. Just remember that you have the choice to better yourself, and that taking a loss is just the beginning of gaining more wins.

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A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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