Emotional Pain Hurts But It’s Only Temporary

You have to think about good times

Brandon Bell
6 min readMay 21, 2021


Emotional pain is no joke and it can be very hard to deal with, some of us are more experienced than others when dealing with it but it’s never easy. You start to think about why it’s happening to you again and how you could’ve prevented the situation from happening but it’s here and it’s your new obstacle.

You thought you would’ve been able to learn from the last time you were experiencing it but it looks like you didn’t. Or you’re in panic mode and can't remember what you did last time to get out of the situation. You need to look within yourself first before taking any type of action.

You need to figure out why you’ve been hurt so bad and how it’s affecting your daily life. Emotional pain can make you less talkative, lonely, and even depressed. All of these things are never easy to deal with initially but with enough experience, we are able to overcome them and deal with them.

You can't stay stuck on the fact that you feel like you don't deserve to feel this way because no one does. The reality of it is that you put yourself in that position to get hurt whether you like it or not so you have to confront it.

How do you confront pain like this? Well, you can wait around and suffer until it goes away or you can change your thoughts to where you can move away from it faster.

These two techniques may take the same timeframe but one is definitely more effective than the other and will make you feel proud of yourself for taking that initial step. How many people do you know that are dealing with emotional pain currently?

Are they doing anything about it or are they just sitting around complaining about everything that’s going wrong with their life? As a friend to that person, it can be hard for you as well because you get sick of listening to the complaint, and at the same time, you’re afraid to tell them to take action.

What would you want them to say to you if you were in their shoes?

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