Going Out to Dinner is More Than a Treat

The conversations to have at a restaurant

Brandon Bell
6 min readOct 13, 2021


How often do you go out to dinner and how much are you really enjoying yourself? Besides running up your pockets, going out to dinner can actually be something that hurts you emotionally from time to time.

We usually go to dinner to let loose, network with others, or celebrate someone’s birthday. Dinner is the best time to have deep conversations with people you care about and it takes a lot of pressure off of you when opening up.

Do you have someone in mind that you want to go to dinner with? That doesn't necessarily mean someone you romanticize but even someone you see as a friend or family member.

It’s not often that we get to go out to dinner for personal time, we usually do it because we want some high-quality food. When you think about your favorite restaurant what do you like about it other than the food?

Do you like how the restaurant is set up, the location of it, the dress code? All of these factors go into your overall experience at the specific place. Now with that being said, these factors will also help you to be more relaxed and more vulnerable with whoever is across from you.

Other than talking to your friend on the phone, where and when do you really open up to them about issues you have going on in your life? When you’re at dinner with them, the conversation just flows because you both are waiting on the food and you realize that it’s not polite to be on your phone the whole time.

This causes you to create conversations and have an awkward silence. You can learn a lot from someone off a night where you guys meet for dinner. Maybe you should go out to dinner more often, but maybe you should also just save it for times where you need to catch up or explain your life story.

Good Food Makes For Good Conversation

There’s something magical about high-quality food, not only does it taste good but it also makes you feel good. If you could eat out every day you probably would but at the same time that wouldn’t be the best financial decision.

This is why we must save food like this for times where it really counts. There’s…



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