Having Uncertainty About Your Passion Is a Good Thing

Be excited about your undetermined future

So you don’t know where you’re going to be in the next five years…what are you going to do about it? The future can be a scary thing to think about and it causes us to have constant anxiety for what’s to come. Even though we’ve overcome so many obstacles in our lives we still worry about the ones that have yet to come.

When discovering our passions or a side hustle that we’re really interested in we don’t realize that life will try to challenge the plan we have for those things. These challenges can include major setbacks like losing money, losing time away from friends and family, and even self-doubt.

Just writing about these few setbacks makes me uncomfortable but part of the journey to accomplishing your goals is to be uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is another way of saying that we have self-doubt.

It’s not impossible to accomplish our goals but being uncomfortable just makes the process even harder. It’s okay to have uncertainty about your passion, some of the most accomplished people in the world have had the same feeling.

What separated these people from their peers and what got them to their level of success is just one factor. That secret is to not give up, sounds pretty simple to do but when actually facing an obstacle at that moment, you start to take into consideration giving up.

If you were to give up now then you wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of uncertainty, you could go live your normal life and not feel like your holding yourself back from doing fun things.

You’ve probably asked yourself a million times if what you were doing was a waste of time. How can something like becoming a better version of yourself and starting a passion project from the ground up be a waste of time?

Even if everything fails you still learn from the process and you have the opportunity to try again.

Proving Yourself Wrong

Your haters may not be very clear of who they are but you feel like there’s someone telling you to stop, you feel like there’s someone in your mind that’s telling you to give up.

This is just your mind trying to get used to its new life, your mind has to adjust from being comfortable with every decision you make to decisions that may cost you a lot of time and comfortability.

During this process of change a by-product called “self-doubt” comes into play. You start to constantly question yourself if what you are doing is working. What’s funny about this obstacle is that it comes and goes.

You may see your passion project make some initial progress but you may also see that a few months or even years later that no progress has come as well. This is frustrating because you know how much work you put in and you know that you’re sacrificing your time to have a better future but nothing seems to be working.

You see people on social media, t.v., or even your friends spending money left and right, displaying the best moments of their life and you get a little envious. Yeah you may be happy for them but you don’t understand why they are having such a good life and you’re over here working late hours into the night on something that isn’t even guaranteed to take off.

Your new goal for life in this scenario is to prove yourself wrong. If you want to eliminate self-doubt, you’re going to have to put in so much work to the point where you’re proud of yourself.

You have to leave it all on the line, stop filling your head with those distractions, and focus on yourself for a little bit. This “little bit” may be years but it’s what you have to do in order for your passion project to take off.

Learn the concept of self-motivation and you will be excited to prove yourself wrong in the future. Be patient and wait for your time to come, put in enough work so that when the opportunity does present itself you’re ready.

There’s Always Room For Improvement

Having uncertainty about your future is an excellent way to remind yourself that there’s always room for improvement. If you’re not satisfied with your results when it comes to your passion then there may be something you can improve on.

When it came to my blog posts, I was frustrated that none of my posts were being accepted into publications. Instead of keeping that frustration with me for months at a time, I decided to look at what I can improve on and that improvement for me was adding the right amount of pictures to my blog post.

Look at what you’re doing now, is it enough and are you actually satisfied with your work? The amount of work you’re doing now may seem like a lot but that only means you may need to reevaluate your techniques.

There may be something in your process that can be replaced with something even better or there may be somethings that you need to eliminate in order to make time for a specific improvement. Start this new idea by trying new things in your passion project.

Maybe your content is good, but no one is looking at it, start doing some research on brand awareness and look to take your content onto multiple social media platforms.

Another example could be to switch up your routine a little bit from working at night into working in the mornings. Try different routines until you find the one that you’re most comfortable with and allows you to get the most effective work done as well.

Learn how to set small goals as well, instead of solely relying on where you want your passion project to be in a year, look at where you want it to be in a month.

Also, understand the power of compound interest. The content you’re producing now may not get recognized right away but if it stays up long enough, it will gain traction over time.

Some of my most read articles here on Medium didn’t start getting views until months after I posted them. This is because people are constantly looking for articles on new mindsets that they have towards life.

Your current goal should be to prove yourself wrong, self-doubt is a powerful thing and if you let it get to you too much then your chances of giving up will get higher and higher.

You Have Something to Keep You Occupied

Remember those days of boredom due to the fact that you had nothing meaningful to do. Yeah, there was stuff you could’ve done but none of those things really gave you fulfillment.

Working on your passion came be tiring but at least it eliminates boredom from your life. Instead of being bored now, you may be a little tired and instead of sitting in your bed and looking up at the ceiling for ten minutes before hopping back out and getting something to eat from the kitchen, instead, you take a nap and get some actual, well-deserved rest.

You know you’ve been working hard when you start to crave your bed at the end of the night, but the relationship that you have with your bed is strictly business and it is only there for rejuvenation and rest instead of being used for laziness.

We all will have our lazy moments from time to time but when working on your passion, you will start to feel guilty when being lazy. You know that lazy time can actually be time used to work on your passion and to help yourself grow, making your chances of reaching success closer than they were yesterday.

Your future is out of your control so embrace it, put yourself in a position to create the best future you can for yourself. You’re the only one who is experiencing your life right now so make it worthwhile. I’ll leave you with a quote from William Gibson that says

“The future is there… looking back at us. Trying to make sense of the fiction we will have become.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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