Here’s What’s Going on Inside the Minds of Introverts During Quarantine

You may be more introverted than you think…

There are many definitions of what an introvert is, so many that when asking an introverted person what their definition is, there are almost no similarities. While has its definition as “a shy person,” many people would disagree. In many cases, it’s hard to specifically call someone an introvert, but what seems to resonate with almost every person on the Earth is a spectrum of whether somebody is more introverted rather than extroverted. A human may have qualities of both personas, this case can be relevant to the number of celebrities who are extroverted on a daily occasion. What’s not told in the media about some of these people’s lives is that they tend to reveal some introverted qualities when they are not being seen in the public. Introverts take up about 25–40 percent of the population ( What a wide range right? Just as stated before, it’s hard to put a label on whether somebody is an introvert or not. It seems that maybe “25 to 40 percent of the world’s population,” might show more introverted characteristics than others. In the circumstances of this article, I’ll identify myself as an introvert. When relating this topic to the pandemic, many people are curious to know what’s going on inside the heads of introverts during this time of everyone being in quarantine. Some of the thoughts may be a surprise to some people but they’re definitely relatable. Life before quarantine for me was mostly spent in the comfort of my home unless I was going to class or work. In this article, you’ll discover some of these thoughts to be some of the ones you’ve been having during this crisis as well. Who knows, maybe you have more introverted qualities about yourself than you thought.

People are finally understanding…

Many people rely on the conversations that they have with other individuals as if it were some sort of drug. This isn’t bad but having to constantly be around somebody just to feel “fulfilled” is not something than introverted people like myself really agree with. Time alone doesn’t have to be recognized as unproductive or lazy. Introverts use the power of solitude to get assignments done and ponder in their own thoughts. These personal ventures are something that many people are embracing today during their time inside. Many citizens are learning about new topics that are interesting to them and are having a good time with the challenge as well. Many of my extroverted friends are now finding time to watch movies by their selves and even take on new skills such as writing. When these productive tasks start to become a little dull that’s where the problem of solitude begins for many. Introverts do get bored and just like regular people have a hard time fighting off laziness from time to time. There is an art when it comes to doing nothing though. Introverts love to reflect and question their own thoughts, whether they are positive or negative. This self-reflection is now being forced into everyone’s lives and is having a positive effect on people’s mental health. How often do you take time to see how you’re feeling and question what’s on your mind? No matter if you are introverted or extroverted apply this process into your life and you will become a more honest person to yourself and to the people around you as well.

Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash

No longer being judged

There aren’t too many stereotypes to introverts but there are some that may need to be revisited. There’s the idea of introverts being naturally shy people, this can be true to some extent. Not every introverted person is the same, there are people like me who are shy when entering a new environment or when surrounded by a group of strangers, but then there are introverts who can adapt to new settings very quickly and can turn on the extroverted switch when they need to. I cannot blame my shyness all on being by myself for most of my days, it’s something that happens to me because of other thoughts I have like the fear of rejection. For other introverted humans, they can communicate and glide through different environments for a certain amount of time. Everyone’s time differs, usually, after these social interactions, introverts feel the necessity for time alone so they can recharge their battery. Many introverted people sometimes force themselves to go out and socialize so that when it’s over, they can enjoy their solitude even more. With thanks to the months spent inside for everyone, people are no longer begging their introverted friends to go out to party’s or other environments where we may not thrive. When these questions are being put on a mute for the time being, it’s easy for introverted people to boost their productivity and not get anxious about letting their friends down. For the first time in years, introverts are getting recognized for their power to be alone in situations like Covid-19. While it is something to admire, it’s nothing new for introverts and most are taking advantage of this time as much as they can.

Same old, same old

It’s the same old routines that introverts have been doing before quarantine started. Not all introverts are at home 24/7, I mean we do like to watch movies, eat good food, and take a nice drive occasionally. These things aren’t always the easiest to do but they are used to show us how much we value our time alone. Routines within itself are some of the building blocks that introverts rely on for comfort. What’s also keeping introverts sane through this pandemic is talking to the few friends that we choose to have. These friends are people who we look forward to talking to when feeling a bit lonely and have accepted us for our quite nature. Meeting new people can be fun and exciting for some, but for an introvert, it’s a process of great courage and patience for giving someone the title of our “friend.” It’s true, and there are some people who are not going to understand our required time alone, which can turn them off. This can be hard to accept at times but shows how thankful we are to have the friends that we already have. It can be nerve-racking for introverts to think about what the world will be like once everyone gets the green light to remain outside again. There will probably be huge crowds of people and not much space for us to enjoy our own company.

Before giving yourself the title on being an introvert or an extrovert, remind yourself that it’s ok to have qualities of both. There’s no rule that says you must be one or the other, enjoy your time alone no matter where you are in the spectrum. Just like everyone else, introverts are trying to cope with the pandemic as well. For once, everyone is being open to having introverted tendencies about themselves and it’s a great feeling for people who enjoy solitude already. I leave my readers with a quote from Greek philosopher Aristotle that says, “Knowing yourself is the beginning to all wisdom.

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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