How Listening to New Music Is Changing My Life

Will it change yours?

Listening to The Same Song Everyday

When you listen to the same music every day, you are adding another habit into your routine. Not that this is bad, if anything its one of my favorite parts of the day but knowing that there is more music out there to enjoy makes me curious in what else can bring me joy throughout the day. It starts with just trying a new genre, many streaming services have the option of different genres in their own selected category, along with what’s relatively new. I understand if you already know what you like and want to be in your own lane, but these so called “top” songs are at the top for a reason, so why not give it a listen. If your someone like myself who prefers Hip-Hop/Rap, try listening to something at least a little different like my new love for Alternative.

Making an Effort

Alright you’ve put your pride aside and made the decision to try out a new genre or a new artist. Now its time to push yourself and make the effort to listen to their work. I recommend listening to music that has been released from this year because it’s been engineered to have sounds that many people can gravitate to. Listening to a whole album or project is something that I would recommend as well, this is where the hardest part comes in when listening to new music. The first few songs may not impress you or may even turn you off, but once you get a sense of what music you are actually listening to, you are bound to find some hidden gems. You’ll obtain a feeling of peace and unexpected clarity when finding these new singles.

Keeping an Open Mind

The experience of finding new tracks and adding them to my playlist to make them even more diverse allows me to enjoy music in ways that I could have never imagine. Its easy to mention my favorite artist but I can now answer the question to what music I actually prefer. Having a wider perspective on music has allowed me to have more conversations with people about what phase they are in right now with their life and how that music helps them function throughout their daily activities. The last benefit of listening to new music is that you will be one of many and you can say that you truly have a unique taste in music.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for giving me a chance to hopefully enlighten you about my experience with music!


Instagram: @burandonb

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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