How Reading Fiction Can Boost Your Creativity

When’s the last time you’ve been entertained and inspired?

It’s convenient to read articles about the news of what’s going on right now or even easier to read on social media what someone thinks about their celebrity crush. One thing that doesn’t seem to change is the way that we do things after reading these articles. The last time we’ve read a good book that had our attention towards the end was probably sometime in our childhood. Which is also the time where we would want to color the most or unknowingly have a good workout at the playground. For most of us these stories were mostly fiction based and allowed us to have dreams of being the next prince charming or a superhero of some sort. With all this being realized, is it safe to say that we were more creative when we were just little children? If you haven’t heard yet, reading a few pages each day can boost your overall health and productivity. While some of us do read for most of the week, we tend to find “tips and tricks” inside of these books that are nonfiction. While self-help books do spark some inspiration and provide some formulas to becoming more successful, it seems that fiction does an easier job for us by giving us that same energetic feeling that we had as kids. If you have the courage, take a month to make that jump from nonfiction to fiction and your benefits for creativity will skyrocket.

Entering a New World

If you’re new to fiction, you’ll be amazed by the number of genres that are in the topic itself. There is mystery, crime, drama, romance, and even all these combined into one. These books are another way of using your creativity to make a blockbuster film appear in your head. As you take the dive into a new story, there will be an infinite amount of questions that will come to mind, one of these questions will be “If they can write like this then why can’t I?” These questions are normal but may be surprising, its been awhile since you’ve had so many questions. These questions are the framework to building more creativity into your head. The way how you interpret a story may be different to somebody else. Using these questions as motivation and a reminder that you are unique will give you the energy to knock out something that you’ve always wanted to write about or something that might be on your bucket list. When absorbing all these new fantasies and narratives you are taking a well-deserved break from reality. This doesn’t mean that you’re finding an excuse not to work, but that you are taking a productive hiatus to build up more inspiration for what your life has next for you.

Your Memorization Will Boost as Well

What’s typical with books on history and other essential nonfiction is that they are hard to finish, not necessarily because of the length of the novel but because of the uninteresting information it has to offer. Writers who specialize in fiction realize from the beginning that you must grab the attention of the reader in a thoughtful way. With most fiction books, the introduction can be told to many crowds of people, they will use words that are easy to understand and mantras that everyone can relate to. These words become more than relatable but end up meaning something more to you. You’ll find that one or more of these fictional expressions will come to you when working on an assignment for school or in an intense meeting at work with your colleagues. They not only come in handy, but they allow you get through the day with more enthusiasm. Isn’t it more fun to live your life a little bit like a story tale instead of thinking of yourself as never getting out of the “rat race?”

With the surprising effect that fiction will have on your life, you will be even more surprised with the amount of work you get done. Your days will go by faster than you ever imagined and your to-do list will be cleared. It’s simply a reward to yourself, before you know it you’ll find yourself curled up in a ball with your new favorite book in hand having a relaxing night with no worries of tackling another to-do list with stuff on it from the day before. I leave my readers with a quote by writer/philosopher G.K. Chesterton about reading that says, “Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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