How to Be In Flow With Everyone Around You

Having fewer conversations can help you to learn more about others

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Have you ever realized how we’re all moving at different speeds? Physically and mentally?

Almost everyone nowadays is going at a fast pace because they’re afraid to slow down. They’re afraid to slow down and think about how they actually feel. You may base your current emotions based off of how other people view you, this isn’t good to do because you’re forgetting about whose thoughts matter the most. Yours!

We surround ourselves with different frequencies of energy throughout the day, we may get some positive energy from a funny youtube video and we may get some negative energy when thinking about work. There never seems to be a balance between the two, it’s either you’re high or you're low. Being in balance with other people can help us become aware of how we’re feeling as well.

Introducing positive energy to somebody who’s having a bad day can make them feel like their life has some balance. Without knowing what that balance feels like, we will continue to keep riding this rollercoaster of emotions that life has to offer us.

A simple way to think about how we should be balancing our emotions is to think of our life as a car. When you’re driving you'll be forced to move at different speeds and eventually, you’ll adapt. This adaption to other cars is what would represent a balance between you and other people. In order to feel connected with the people around you, you’re going to have to be willing to either slow down or speed up to match their energy so that you can understand how they’re feeling.

Knowing that you can switch gears at any moment in time will help you with your confidence when meeting people for the first time and will help you have more interesting conversations throughout your life. Being in flow takes time to understand but once you experience it, it sticks with you forever.

Be Observant of the People You Know and Don’t Know

Reading people who you already know is easy because you’ve known them for so long. It took time to understand their thought process and even certain lingo that they use. This all required some observation, there was a time where you didn’t have deep conversations with your friends and family, you had to observe them first to make sure that you were comfortable with them.

You can tell how a person is feeling based on their movements, a person may be tired if they walk with their head down, a person may be nervous if their shoulders are tight. There are many observations you can make about the human body that let you know how a person is dealing with life at the current moment. This makes it easier for you to understand how you should be conducting your presence towards that person.

The truth is that not everyone is going to be happy at the same time, but the more people that are the better chances we have of making the world more at peace. When it comes to the people we don’t know, we may make more observations about that person because we don’t know their true intentions behind their movements.

It isn’t right to judge people off the bat and if you do, you can instantly feel a difference between energies. If you want to create good energy with a stranger then you would do right by observing that person’s movements and treating them as if they were somebody close to you. Making people feel comfortable with those you don’t know is a great skill to have when it comes to business or social life.

Speaking Only When It’s Necessary

Have you ever forced words out of your mouth just to avoid awkwardness? I’m someone who has done this more times than I can count in my past and what I realized is that these words waste time and add no value to a conversation.

If you do not need to speak or if there is nothing that you have to say, say nothing or say very little. It’s an obvious fact that people like to talk about themselves and their thoughts as they should. Being able to listen more and talk less will help both people in conversation to have reciprocal energy.

Why is energy so important when in conversation?

A relationship or interaction can take a turn for the worst within seconds. One wrong word to a customer and they will file a complaint, one wrong word to your partner and they are out the door. Knowing when to speak is important because you never know how someone may interpret what you’re saying or how you say something.

Keeping the energy afloat in a conversation can be done by sending nonverbal cues to the person you’re talking to. One is the movement of your head, nodding your head lets the other person know that they’re being listened to and that they have your attention. Another good form of nonverbal communication is facial expression, depending on what the other person says you can either smile or frown to make the other person feel understood.

Even when standing from afar you should learn to stay silent and observe, many arguments and fights can be prevented from being observant before a situation escalates. If you see that there is a potential argument between your friends that is about to arise then you can chime in just in time to change the subject to prevent anything worse from happening.

Photo by Jopwell from Pexels

Treat Everyone With Respect and Give Positive Energy

Treating everyone with respect is difficult but can be achieved once understanding what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes. Having empathy towards someone other than yourself will help you to become less concerned about yourself and more concerned about others. Others will see this and have much more respect for you and will give you the same empathetic energy that you need back.

It’s important to realize that you will not get respect from everyone you meet, people have issues in their life where they may take it out on you and may have experienced scenarios where their trust was betrayed. Don’t overstress yourself with these people, as much as you want to help them it’s better to let life handle those problems.

Be more concerning about the people who show you respect and give off positive energy, the more people you meet like this the fewer people you will have to impress.

Going back to the people who may not like you for you are, you should still try and show them the way of positive energy. If they say something disrespectful to you, don’t lash out with something bad to say as well, simply remember that it's not them who is being mean but it’s their life that has given them that anger. They’re human just like you, whether they choose to respect you or not is out of your control but you will have more influence on them when staying positive rather than being negative back towards them.

Leave a genuine impression on everyone that you meet, you will not feel happy all of the time, and that can be seen by others, but it is good to let others know that you will be ok and that you’re strong enough to still be kind to them even when things aren't going your way.

Just because you may not be in a good mood at the moment, doesn't mean that other people should suffer as well.

Being in flow with the world doesn’t take much effort, once you let go and let life happen as it should you will have nothing to complain about. Being still like a river of water and reminding yourself of inner principles to stick to will show you that life isn’t as bad as it may seem at the moment. I’ll leave you with a quote from the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu that says

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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