How to Choose Which Quotes You Can Apply to Your Life

The secret to remembering more quotes

The number of quotes you’ve heard in your lifetime is probably too many to remember. There are some quotes that stick and there are others that don't really give you to much motivation. We admire quotes for different reasons, some quotes help us with heartbreak, and others help us to knock out that last rep at the gym.

What’s the last quote you’ve heard that had the potential to change your life?

You may have one that comes to your head but not too many that you can go back to in times of need. Quotes are fascinating because there’s always one that can apply to different aspects of your life. When you do hear a quote that you like, you feel as if you’ve just hit a major breakthrough. Quotes have the ability to be so powerful to the point that they cause you to make a change, they cause us to take action.

Isn’t it funny how a few simple words put together can trigger something in our brain to makes us want to go out and change the world? Who doesn't love hearing quotes from some of their favorite authors or favorite influencers?

The catalog of famous quotes seems to increase day by day, but what about the quotes that we overlook? You know the ones that you read once and don’t give any more attention to. Those quotes are probably not meant for you at this point in your life, but they may be applicable to somebody else.

Some quotes sound good but are not exactly meant for you to follow. You have to be able to seek out which quotes are the best for your life right now. Yes, there are so many quotes to choose from but in order to use the ones that you like effectively, you are going to have to choose the ones that have pure quality.

The number of quotes you know doesn’t matter too much. You should only be focused on the ones that pique your interest. Let’s look at some ways that you can memorize quotes more regularly and choose the ones that are right for you.

When you hear a quote you like, write it down

Have you ever heard of the method of writing things down so that you will remember them more clearly? This can be used for quotes, many quotes slip our minds every day because we don’t take the time to write them down. It’s a bad habit, to say the least, but can easily be fixed.

If you don't have a journal already, you can purchase one and make a dedicated spot on a page for your journal entries that is meant only for quotes.

So, when you do hear a quote for the first time, make sure to have somewhere you can write it down. Using your phone to make a note of the quote can be useful for the time being but can hurt you in the long run if you’re not writing it down on pen and paper. Something about writing things down on paper with a utensil seems to help me remember things faster than if I were to jot it down in my phone.

You may be used to storing things in your phone that you claim to be important but over time they will pile up for you to forget about. If you go through your phone gallery right now there are probably pictures that have no use to you now in your life.

Aside from phones, having a visual representation of your quote will help to have it locked in your mind. Seeing a quote in your handwriting will give you a reminder that the quote you picked has a lot of value to you. You will look at the quote and be able to remember the exact time you wrote it down and why you wrote it down.

Another trick that I like to use when it comes to remembering quotes is to write it down every time it comes to mind during the day. This way I’m able to make sure that I know the quote word for word and I can remember it whenever I feel like I need to use it.

Look for quotes that will help you in life right now

Where do you usually find quotes that help you? Books are a great place to find quotes. The reason why we buy the books that we buy is that they somehow apply to our life right now. Either this or it was recommended to us by somebody that we know or look up to.

The next time you go to purchase a book, keep in mind that there may be some potential quotes in those books that can change your life. Just as I said before, make sure you're writing down those quotes somewhere separate like in your journal or on a separate sheet of paper and not just highlighting them in your notebook.

Books are filled with information that you can learn from but the easiest way to learn from those books is to look for quotes that apply to your life currently.

You can usually find these quotes on every single page. It just takes the right sentence from the author to grab your attention.

Another resource that you can use to find some quotes that will help you out in life right is motivational lectures. I tend to get goosebumps from when I actually hear a quote that relates to my life. This is different from reading a quote because when you’re reading, something goes off in your head like a light bulb, but unlike a motivational speaker that will give you goosebumps.

Motivational speakers have been in the same shoes as you, they understand the struggles you face as a human. Being able to hear their voice and being able to hear the compassion that comes with it, will help those quotes to stick to your brain more than when you read them.

I often like to think of these quotes in my head as if the motivational speaker was right next to me. A quote that has been stuck in my head for weeks is by a motivational speaker named Eric Thomas that says “don’t cry to give up, cry to keep going.” He said this quote with such conviction that it's now easy for me to remember the quote word for word.

Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels

Journal in detail about the quotes you pick

Not only should you be writing down the quotes you find interesting but you should also be writing down what about them makes them so interesting. Doing this will help you to understand the quote more and see how it can actually help you with your life.

Let’s look at a quote from the stoic philosopher Seneca that says “we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” You should be asking yourself questions like “what about this quote struck my attention” or “how can I use this quote to my advantage currently in my life.”

So, for this Seneca quote, you can answer the question like “this quote got my attention because of keywords that stuck out to me in the quote, words like suffer and imagination.” Be honest with yourself when journaling about these quotes. You will find that a lot of quotes that you found to be amazing initially aren’t actually quotes that you can use in your life right now.

When you do this for a long period of time, you will be able to pick out quotes faster and more efficiently than before. You won’t have to think so hard about which quotes are good to listen to and which ones are not.

Always ask yourself when looking at a quote, how long do you want this quote to remain in your memorization. If it’s a quote that you feel can have an impact on not only the present but on your future as well, then make sure you’re writing it down constantly in your journal and even take time to dissect it.

Test yourself right now and see how many quotes you know off the top of your head. Once you do that, try to figure out how many of those quotes you actually understand. I’ll leave you with a quote from Auliq Ice that says

“You will die but the words you speak or spoke will live forever.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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