How to Figure Out What Your Definition of Success Truly Is

What does success mean to you?

Brandon Bell


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Why do we push ourselves the most when we have nothing to lose?

Do you ever feel lost or out of place in the world?

What are you truly seeking to get out of this life?

We all want success but there are no simple formulas for it. We get excited when we accomplish something in our lives, it gives us a sense of hope for what’s to come next in our lives. When we’ve had a sense of what success feels like, we want more and more of it. Everyone has an idea of what success is to them, it can be hard to explain through words though.

More often than not we have a picture in our heads of what success looks like. For some, success can include luxury homes, cars, and appliances. You may have already realized how your vision of success changes due to your age.

When we are younger we tend to visualize a life full fun and constant movement. As we get to a more mature age, we seek comfort and stability. Have you ever had a hard time deciding what your definition of success actually is? For some, it can be a life filled with monetary things, which doesn’t sound too bad to an extent. Being able to buy whatever you want, whenever can have its advantages. Or do you seek a life full of spiritual success? Finding peace in your life may sound amazing to you, and of course, you might want to have both aspects in your future life as well.

Depending on how you view success, you can live your life in many different ways. These ideas can have a major influence on how you treat people and how you conduct yourself in different environments. Just remember that success usually doesn’t come with everything you may have hoped for, what’s important is that you achieve some of the things that are at least morally correct to you.

So, is there really a correct definition of what success is?

No, its all up yo you, here a few things to remember that will help you figure out what success means to you.

What Are Your Short Term Goals?

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”



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