How to Set Your Goals For a More Organized Life

Using your dreams to construct the way you live your life

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Are you the type of person to always put goal setting off to the side?

We all have dreams that we would like to accomplish one day, the only problem is that we’re too busy with everything that’s going on in our lives right now.

You may deal with work or school on a day to day basis, these things take up a lot of your time and the reason why you’re taking on these responsibilities is that you want more for yourself in the future or you need them to survive.

Many of us have jobs that don’t spark the passion that is within us, these jobs do a good job of distracting us. There are ways to become more focused on what you want to do with your life but you need to make an effort for that focus.

How many people do you know truly love what they are doing or know what they want to do?

Of course, there will always be that bunch but realistically everyone is lost and is trying to find their purpose.

Setting goals is a great start to decluttering your mind. You’ve probably set goals before but never got a chance to complete them or if you’re anything like me, you let them become lost in the many other things you have to do. Your dreams no longer become your priority once life hits you with a bang.

You’ve been told that you have to have a job or that you have to be in school. If you’re not doing one or the other then you’re not “socially acceptable.”

Another reason why we let our life become so messy is that we’re afraid of rejection. Even though you know what would be best for you, you neglect it because society tells you that it won't work. The people who are closest to you will even steer you in the wrong direction, not because they don’t care about you but because they haven’t had the courage to do what you want to do. They don't want to see you fail; how can you blame them with the constant changes they had to make in their lives?

So how can you use your goals to get your life back on track?

Use goals to give yourself clarity

Taking time to ask yourself what you want out of life can be very beneficial to have more organization in the things you do. Sometimes, many of the things that you want to do and the things that you “have” to do, don’t coincide with each other.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath; can you see how busy your mind is? Instead of just seeing black, you probably see a lot of made-up images of things that you have to do soon or maybe some regretful events that have happened in the past. Your mind isn’t clear, you don't know what it’s like for it to be.

You can use tools like mindfulness and meditation to have a more clear mind, but something else to think about is your goals. You're spending too much of your day thinking bout stuff that has nothing to do with what you want to accomplish. These goals don't have to be long term, as a matter of fact, you can start by setting daily goals.

Small goals that you want to accomplish each day will help you to become more familiar with how mental clarity feels. These goals should be fresh and new, not the same goals that you set from the day before. Marking everything off of your checklist can feel nice and is a good way to clear your head but shouldn’t have to be associated with the goals you set.

Letting your mind focus on only one or two things a day that also has the potential to change your life will help you to not feel so anxious or busy-minded. These short term goals are things you need to do instead of thins you have to do.

This will help you have more focus on your goals for the long term as well, you want to be able to live your life daily with a purpose. This is the ultimate secret to having your life become more organized. If you think simple then your life will become simple.

Use goals to get your life in order

When’s the last time you’ve made a proper schedule? Whether it was for school, work, or even things that you enjoy? The best way to have a more organized life is to have things scheduled. Being able to have your day already planned out for you takes away a lot of stress when waking up in the morning.

There are many ways you can make a schedule that best suits you, there are apps to go to, or even writing down how you want the next day to go in your journal is a good step in the right direction.

Don’t depend on your work schedule to let you know how your day is supposed to go, instead make your schedule around work and see what you would like to do during the day that also has to do with your goals.

One of my long term goals is to be able to become a full-time blogger, I use this goal to make sure that I have my days centered around something I’m passionate about.

So, things that I make sure I do almost every day that’s also associated with my long term goal is to make a post here on Medium and to read a few pages of a book I’m currently enjoying. I always think of these two things first when I’m creating a schedule for the next day. This allows me to not be so stressed the next day because I know that I’m doing something right towards my goal. This is just one example of what you can do to have your days more focused on your goals rather than other things that typically stress you out.

A schedule also lets you know how much time should be spent on doing certain things. Use this schedule to help you decide when is the best time to work on something your passionate about and when to work on other priorities like projects for work.

Use goals to help others organize their life

What is fulfillment in life without being able to help others?

People need help just as much you do, if everyone's life was a little more organized the world would be a lot more simple.

If you know anyone that is having trouble other than yourself when it comes to having a more organized life, provide them with some tips that you may have learned or try to work together.

Hold each other accountable when it comes to making sure your guy's lives are in order. You may be able to help them with something that you’ve had trouble with in the past, this will give them a different perspective on the situation. They could do the same for you as well, just make sure that you both are doing all that you can to make each other lives more simple.

Being organized is not always something that you can do on your own. When I moved into my first dorm in college I thought that my room was the neatest that it could be. It wasn’t until my mom came for a visit where I realized that my room could’ve been a lot more organized.

The same goes for your mental health as well, even if you think that your mind is always in the right place, don't be too stubborn to take advice from others.

Be an example for the people around you when it comes to making life more organized. Let them know that it is possible to do and that you wouldn't mind helping them.

Who knows, this could potentially be your next career choice or long term goal! The goals that you have for yourself should not only be meant to help your life but also for the people around you as well. This makes life more meaningful and clear at the same time.

Use your goals and dreams to make your life more simple and less cluttered. The only person that has the power to control how they want to live their life is you.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Barbara Hemphill that says

“Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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