How to Start Enjoying Life Just a Little Bit More

Being happy can be achieved with a few simple go-to’s

We find ourselves getting stuck into negativity daily, it usually takes some type of external force to put a smile on our face. Negativity can also be put into our lives through external forces as well, being able to find happiness through yourself will help you to be more content with whatever conditions you’re living in right now.

How many of us can say that we’re truly enjoying life every single day?

We think that it’s possible because of the people we see on social media doing it daily. Why do you deserve to be happy? Have you ever asked yourself this question? There’s no right or wrong answer because this question shouldn’t be asked. You deserve to be happy for the simple fact that you’re human.

Letting negativity take over our lives is a sign that we’re giving up, not only giving up on our goals but giving up on ourselves. Doubting yourself will only make your journey tougher and you will be blinded from the true potential that you have.

Everyone has the ability to be happy at any time in their life, some moments will be harder than others but it’s possible. What you’re capable of is not only being happy but you’re capable of enjoying life more than you already do. Life is worth living if we don’t have something holding us back, it gives us the motivation to wake up the next day and get out of bed early.

You have to stop making life harder than it needs to be, simplify your life, and add more happiness into it so that you can be more productive and excited about any work you’re doing. Everyone has some sort of impact on the world whether they know it or not. What will your impact be? Let's go over a few ways that you can start liking your life a bit more than you do now.

Having a Morning Routine

Yes, it’s good to have one of these, no matter how exhausting it may sound, it makes your mornings a lot easier allowing you to be in a good attitude when getting into any heavy work.

If mornings are the worst part of your day then you may need to develop a new morning routine. There’s no perfect formula for a good morning routine but you can start by waking up around the same time most days out of the week.

If you’re somebody who likes to wake up late, then make sure you’re doing it around the same time, this allows you to have a more clear idea of what you’re going to do with the rest of your day. Although I do recommend waking up early, it’s important that you’re waking up whenever you feel it is most beneficial to you.

Maybe you’re somebody who likes to work late in the night, waking up early can cause you to lose sleep and not have enough energy the next day. If you decide to start waking up early then know you will be probably going to sleep a little earlier than you're used to.

Morning routines give you something to look forward to, it can become the most exciting part of your day depending on what you do with that time. For some, it’s exercising, taking time to make a delicious breakfast, or getting started on work early, so they don’t have to do it later in the day.

Make sure your morning routine allows you to get into a flow state so that you can start your day with something that is taking a good amount of focus and gives you a sense of enjoyment. This time of the morning will help you to be ready for any other obstacles that may come later on. Use a morning routine to your advantage, start your day nice so that you won’t have to suffer later on.

Finding Time For Leisure Activities

Picking up a hobby or fun activity that you can do at least a few times out of the week is excellent for your mental health and overall enjoyment. Having a fun activity planned for after work can help you to be calm and positive when dealing with a difficult customer.

Some simple hobbies that you can start doing today include journaling, walking, and reading. These three things don’t take much effort to do and will give you a boost of positive energy. Strengthing your mind is also a process that makes you hurt a little bit at first and then benefits you later. Whatever leisure activity that you decide to get yourself involved in, make sure it’s something that you can do at almost any time of the day.

It’s good to have these handy in case you hit a wall of negativity when you least expect it. Every now and then I will bring my journal with me to work so that I can be ready to write in case I’m having a bad day.

If you can't find something that will help you at any part of the day then it’s good to find something towards the end of your day. The end of the day is where you may be tired or very upset, this is the time you think about some regrets you have or mistakes you may have made.

Watching a movie or funny t.v. show will help you be in a brighter mood before you go to bed. You want to go to bed with a feeling of happiness rather than being sad and depressed.

Find some friends to do this activity with, even if it’s a small group. These people make your time worthwhile; they give you good conversation and a feeling of being cared for which is really important. Find time for any leisure activity that you currently enjoy because it has the potential to be the highlight of your day.

Photo by Reynardo Etenia Wongso on Unsplash

Take a Short Nap When You Can

No, I don’t mean hour-long naps, but something shorter like 20–30 minutes. Having time to rest each day is crucial if you want to be more efficient in what you do which will ultimately lead you to happiness.

Happiness can be found in sleep or to be more realistic, it can be found in the process of going to sleep or waking up. We feel relaxed when we’re snuggled up in our bed and can feel ourselves drifting away, we know that we’re about to get some crucial rest from this so we get happy.

You don’t know if you had a good sleep or not until you wake up, while in the moment of sleeping you don’t know exactly how you’re feeling, either everything is black or you start to dream.

The best time to take a short nap is sometime in the afternoon. Usually, around this time you’re just finishing lunch, you may feel a bit tired after. Giving yourself 20 minutes to sleep off that “-itis” will give you more energy through the rest of your day and will show how much more of a positive outlook that you can have on life if you truly wanted to.

Your life can become more enjoyable if you just follow a few of these tips. Don’t force yourself to be happy but work on ways that you can increase your chances of being so. I’ll leave you with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that says

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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