How to Stop Yourself From Being Bored When You Feel It Coming

Boredom is natural to all but it doesn’t have to become a habit

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The feeling of boredom can make you sad, it can make you frustrated but it never fails to lead you into deep thought. When in this state, we try to figure out why we are bored and the things that we wish we could be doing.

For example, when it’s raining outside, you may feel like your day is ruined because you can’t go see your friends or you cant go get something to eat which ultimately leaves you sad. “If it wasn’t raining I would be out of this house in a heartbeat!”

Boredom comes and goes but how do we stop it from ruining our lives for a few hours? The problem isn’t that the world around us is boring but that we ourselves are a little bit boring. You can’t get mad at the world for being bored, do you think the Earth actually cares how you feel?

Its job is to spin around in space, not comfort you when you feel like you have nothing to do. Finding boredom is easy, all we have to do is tell ourselves that there’s nothing to do.

There are always things to do but we can get lazy, the one activity that we could participate in requires us to get up from our comfortable bed and actually focus. This is one of the key secrets to erasing boredom in your life.

Being focused takes a lot of work and you are bound to get distracted no matter how focused you are but it does make the time go by.

When you’re bored, all you want is for the time to go by, maybe it’s a few hours before you usually eat dinner so during those hours you don’t know what to do but wait.

When looking at boredom from an outer view, it pretty silly, it doesn’t make sense. As humans, we are capable of doing so many things that we shouldn’t get comfortable with the feeling of boredom. Once we push ourselves to actually do something that we don’t want to do, boredom becomes just a distant memory and not our current lives.

Are You Bored Or Just Tired?

Being bored can be confused with being tired almost all of the time, especially when you feel like you don’t want to do anything but go to sleep. The only reason why you don’t go to sleep when you’re bored is that you don’t want to waste time sleeping when instead you can use that time to do something fun.

Before you keep skipping afternoon naps, you should think to yourself about how much are you actually enjoying these activities when you’re tired? You probably do need sleep, once you’re well-rested you’ll be ready to do more things which won’t allow you to be bored. When we’re on the phone with friends we say “I’m so bored!” When in reality you need a break, don't be afraid to take naps, they were made for a reason.

The next time you find yourself bored lay down and see if you fall asleep, you’ll figure out the truth you’ve been hiding all along. Being tired has a lot in common with being bored. In both situations you end up doing nothing but think, When you’re sleepy, your eyes begin to close. When you’re bored, you think about all the things you could be doing.

I always try to get some rest first when I’m feeling bored, if I can’t sleep then I know that I’m being lazy. Boredom is the excuse for laziness, life will have its boring moments but you can overcome them. Always try to figure out whether you're bored or just tired, telling the two apart may seem easy but it takes some deep thinking to actually differentiate the two. Once you have enough rest then you’ll be more energized to do different things like cleaning up around the house or picking up a bok that you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Find Something to Put All of Your Attention Towards

Find something! It can be anything, the more you sit in boredom and don’t do anything about it the longer you will be bored. You can’t be bored if you’re constantly challenging your mind to do different things.

If you feel like you have nothing to do and anything that you think of doesn’t sound entertaining, try learning something new. Exercising your brain in times like this will allow you to learn new information than if you were to do when you were stressed out.

Being bored is like your mind telling you that you need to add something new to your life. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just try watching a tv show that you hear everyone talking about. Do your own analysis of the show and see if you understand why everyone else likes it.

Doing little experiments with yourself can help you to stop thinking about boredom. Another example of this is listening to a new genre of music that you don’t usually listen to. I’m a big fan of hip-hop music but it wasn't until this year where I realized that I have a love for alternative rock as well.

This would’ve never happened if I didn’t take the risk of listening to a random new album when I was bored.

Use boredom to your advantage, when you’re bored, you usually have some time on your hands which will help you to think about what you can do instead of what you wish you can do. Start making a list of things that you find interesting but don’t have time to research when you hear about them.

Use this list in scenarios where you consider yourself to be bored, this list will show that you have many things to do when you feel like you don’t have anything.

Macello Chagas from Pexels

Use Time of Boredom to Think

Think of boredom as meditation, when you’re meditating you sit and do nothing, kind of like when you’re bored. Use any time that you have to make your thoughts clear to you.

Maybe you were thinking about a relationship that you have with somebody but you’re not too sure what to do. Thoughts like this will become more concrete to you when you’re bored. So, when you’re bored just embrace it and use that time to reflect on any misguided thoughts you've been having.

Are you being honest with yourself when you’re bored?

Have you done absolutely everything that you could’ve done to not be bored?

Even if you try to lie to yourself, the inner you will always know the truth. It’s easy to become bored but the not so easy part is having to deal with it for the rest of your day, You start thinking about all of the other times where you weren’t bored, it’s pretty sad.

Thinking is something that we all do but our perception of what we think about is totally up to you. You have to be the person who is going, to be honest with yourself when it comes to being bored. Use boredom to think about you and the future, even though those things are out of your control, just observe how you think about these positions.

Being bored isn’t fun but it’s something that needs to be taken care of more times than not. Follow the steps above and you will find yourself being less bored. I’ll leave you with a quote from G.K. Chesterson that says

“There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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