How To Use Positive Affirmations During Negative Times

“You Become What You Think About”- Jay Shetty

Every now and then you may stumble upon a very wise person whether it’s through the internet or in real life. One thing that stands out about these people other than their honest smiles is their ability to say exactly what they’re thinking about at any given moment.

Some of the words that they say either put you in a really good mood or they strike you really hard. Either way, these thoughts are coming from a genuine place. How are these people able to think with so much positivity and so much gratitude during a crazy time like now?

Experience has given them the answers to difficult situations they’ve been through, they know how important it is to use daily affirmations. These affirmations require practice and can have an incredible impact on a human's perspective of life.

One of the people who I would describe as an “affirmation user” is a wise, old spiritual teacher named Mooji. He has youtube videos of him speaking about peace, positivity, and spirituality. You can tell by the tone of his voice and the choice of words he uses that he tells himself affirmations on a regular basis.

Using positive affirmations will instantly put you in a good mood and will let you be freer. When’s the last time you’ve heard about affirmations and what were your feelings towards them? Did you immediately resent the idea of using them or did you just never get a chance to try it out?

The time is now, this is one of the first steps you take when it comes to self-improvement. Your mindset determines your actions and you want those actions to be meaningful and filled with good intentions.

It will not be easy at times but when telling yourself positive affirmations consistently, you will unlock a power within you that you’ve never felt before, no one may be able to see this small awakening but you will be the one to experience it. With patience, this mindset will help you to transform your life in all areas and with others as well.

How Do You Want to Feel Today?

Do you pay attention to your thoughts when waking up? It’s a battle to think positively when you may haven’t had the amount of rest you wanted the night prior. This is true for many as we’re all guilty of staying up late from time to time, either scrolling through social media or watching a really good movie.

Practice having good thoughts in the morning, this is the start of your day and therefore the thoughts that occur at this time will determine how your day is going to go. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t think positively during the first few mornings, keep trying and give yourself room to improve.

By doing this and having this practice in mind, you will already be better than the person you were yesterday morning. Oftentimes, we just go with the flow when it comes to our day, we don’t keep our thoughts in order, this is not all of our faults but you get to determine how your day goes through perspective.

In order to have a better perspective on life, your thoughts need to be in order or in alignment with how you want to feel during the day. This is why your morning is so important and “when you win the morning you win the day” as author Tim Ferris has said.

As you go throughout your day, start paying attention to what’s going on in your mind and how those thoughts are affecting how you feel. You may be familiar with this observation when you’re having a good day.

Usually, when you’re looking forward to something exciting during the day, you tend to be in a better mood. I remember this feeling when having a birthday party at my house when I was younger. Even if I didn't get much sleep the night prior I knew that later on in the day, I would be able to see my friends and eat all the ice cream and cake that I wanted.

Have this same mindset as the child I used to be and you will look at your day more positively.

You Are What You Think About

Jay Shetty explained in his podcast that when he was becoming a monk, his mentor would tell him the Napoleon Hill quote that says “You are what you think about.” At first, when he heard this, he didn’t think it was real or that it actually worked until he was put into the practice of mantras by his fellow monks.

After tons of days using mantras, he admitted that the quote was correct and that you do become what you think about. Let’s go back to your childhood once more, do you remember when you truly believed you were a professional wrestler or a princess?

The belief you had of actually being those things was so strong that no one could tell you that you weren't those things. That whole day you acted and sounded like the person you wanted to be. As life went on you got into different interests and you probably had a moment like many of us where “reality” kicked in and you had to get “serious.”

While this was the case, you probably haven’t experienced the same feeling as you had when you were a child. You need to go back to this feeling whenever you can because it reminds you of how powerful your thoughts were.

Your thoughts can gain this amount of strength again, but the world has put so much limitation on you that you don’t think that this strength can ever be regained.

But it can, with consistency and true belief in yourself. Put your positive thoughts out into the world and to God and he will reflect those thoughts back onto you. Trust in yourself and in Him that you can be whatever you want to be.

Just tell yourself you are happy and tell yourself you are a positive person, watch how much your life changes within the blink of an eye. Thie first few days you do it, it may not be a big change but opportunities you’ve overlooked in the past will start to look a whole lot brighter in the present moment.

It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Thoughts

Think about where you’re at mentally today, it may be good or it may be bad. You may even be right in the middle, but you may also feel stuck like you can’t elevate from where you’re at now. The reason why we tend to feel stuck with the mindset we have now is that we’re afraid of change.

More importantly, we’re afraid of what it takes to change. When you’re working on your affirmations daily, initially, you may feel a little fake. Like you’re not being honest with yourself, this is normal and you need to forgive yourself for thinking like this.

You have to understand that you’re allowed to grow and that you can grow. Despite how your circumstances are or how your group of friends is, you can still elevate your mindset. It’s never too late, even though you may be older and have become more realistic about your life, you’re in control of your thoughts.

Being mentally strong is a skill and that skill is only obtained by the consistency you have with those affirmations. Sometimes, these thoughts leave you but you will start to catch yourself when this happens.

This is a true sign of improvement, in the past, you have let those good thoughts run away but now you’re able to pull the rope on them keep them around.

This is where your perspective starts to change you understand how important your thoughts really are to your reality. Even if someone tells you to stop being so happy and jolly, you can’t because you’ve built the habit of positive thinking.

Take some time to develop some affirmations for yourself, if your creativity is a little low right now, look up some affirmations that you think will help you in the future. Don’t let negative thoughts conquer you, have your positive affirmations ready for whenever negativity comes your way. Be ready for war because with the world we live in today, it’s constantly a mental battle.

Are you ready to start using more positive affirmations in your life? There are no restrictions and there are qualifications, this practice is opened for anyone and everyone. I’ll leave you with a quote from Roy T. Bennett that says

“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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