If You Want to Be More Optimistic, Start Being More Consistent

Consistency is one of the open secrets of being happy

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

The gyms were closed and it was wasn’t getting any easier for him to lose weight. Doing home workouts was too uncomfortable and he wasn’t a fan of high-intensity training. It was at that moment he realized that he needed to find some form of exercise where he didn't have to do a lot of heavy breathing and could still be comfortable.

Walking seemed too easy for him at first but little did he know that it would change his body within a matter of months. Really? It was that easy? Just by walking, he was able to lose more weight than he could imagine. He didn’t think too much about it, he just walked twice a day five times a week. Again, he didn't know at the time that walking was even considered to be a form of cardio.

With nothing to do all day because of the virus, he was mostly stuck inside. He started looking forward to his daily walks, it was a time where he could escape and be productive at the same time. Was it the walking itself that gave him the transformation?

Not only was it the walking but it was his consistency that paved the way for his weight loss.

Many people tend to feel lost in life when they feel like they have nothing to do or when they feel like they’re not doing the right thing. Every human on the planet goes through this aggravating mindset at least once in their life. A bad result of feeling lost is the belief that you don't have any purpose.

It’s frustrating because you were told from a young age that everyone has something special about them but you haven't figured it out yet. You’re getting older and you feel like time is running out when trying to learn what you're actually good at.

Well, ask yourself this, are you taking your life seriously? Really try to think about this, are you constantly working to figure out what your purpose is?

I know, it’s way easier said than done but something that will help you boost this process is adding more consistency in your life. At least a healthy kind of consistency. Where do you start with this? Let’s figure it out.

Having a set time to do things

If you’ve never tried to add more consistency to your life, then your schedule is probably all over the place. Or maybe your schedule is not being used to its full potential.

A proper schedule includes things that need to get done like your priorities, things that you want to get done, and things that you should get done like stuff for your well being.

Many of our schedules tend to be only aligned with things that need to get done for work or things that need to get paid for. If you’re stressed when developing a schedule, you will always be stressed when thinking about that schedule.

When trying to add some consistency into your life you need to have a set time and place for when you do things. When I started taking walking seriously I made sure to make time for it in the morning and afternoon. I had things lined up for me to do before I started walking and after, which made that schedule a lot easier to follow.

The more you start to follow your schedule and be more consistent with certain things, you will develop a mental reminder that alerts you daily to help you be more consistent. This mental alarm doesn’t come easy though, it takes a bit of effort and emotional strength to hardwire it into your brain.

If you have trouble making up schedules in your head then you can always resort to something like a calendar or even a journal. A journal may be your best bet in this situation because you can jot down your thoughts and still make a small schedule from the night before. You can also track your progress with your consistency by writing down how you’re improving and what you can improve on.

Start being consistent with simple things

You already have things in your life that you’re consistent with, you just may not realize them because they have become habits.

Try to start with something different that you don’t usually do but still seems pretty simple. An example can be if you want to journal before you go to bed, make an effort to write down at least one sentence in your journal before you go to sleep. This way you’re training your brain to reach for your journal before you turn off all the lights in your house.

Over time, you will start to push yourself to write more and more. How long should you write down one sentence a night? Well, until it starts to become too easy. Your mind will tell you when you can do more.

What’s significant about using simplicity to build more consistency is that it’s not too hard to start. Who doesn’t like things to be more simplified and more understandable? Usually, when you want to start being more consistent in your life with certain things, you will think long and hard about what you can do to start.

Too much of this thinking can actually lead you into becoming unmotivated. When something is easy to do and can have the ability to impact your life greatly, you will without a doubt gravitate more towards that than something more difficult. Who doesn’t like a good deal?

Especially when it comes to your well being. You don’t want to delay change from your life, the more you delay it, the less happy you will be.

Start coming up with some ways on how you can start something that will add consistently into your life. Make sure that it’s something that will benefit you not only in the short run but also in the long run.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Be patient with yourself

I would love to tell you that adding more consistency to your life is easy but it can get very difficult at times. When having your day planned ahead of time, there will still be external forces and internal forces that will try to stop you.

Many writers here on Medium will tell you how hard it is to post consistently. You will have a day where you don’t feel like writing and there will be days where your keyboard stops working. When something tries to stop your consistency, you have to do your best to stay calm. Overreacting in this situation could cause you to give up hope for adding more consistency to your life.

If you’re dealing with something internal, like voices in your head telling you not to do something then you should try your best to dig deep. Spend some time getting to know your mind and body a little bit more. You want to be familiar with how far you can push yourself before burning out. If you do feel like you’re going to burnout from the consistency of doing something daily, then you may want to lower the load on that activity you’re doing.

When it comes to writing, if I feel like my mind is about to start losing itself towards the end of the article, I will cut it short and end the article there. I may not have hit my goal of how many words that I wanted to write that day but I still produced a well-written article that could've possibly made no sense towards the end.

Be smart about the consistent things you add to your life.

If you’re building the courage to exercise outside consistently, don’t get upset when the weather doesn't call for it. Look for alternatives that you can do like simple home workouts or give yourself a rest day.

Make sure that you’re doing something productive with that time so that you don’t lose that idea of consistency that you feel daily.

Being consistent is something that does take some getting used to but will change your life in a matter of months. Making sure you stay motivated to be consistent will help you to be a happier person. I’ll leave you with a quote from E. James Rohn that says

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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