Put In Your Dues and Gain Respect

Everyone appreciates a hard worker

Brandon Bell
6 min readNov 14, 2021


Everyone wants respect but not a lot of people are willing to give it out. The transaction of respect is pretty simple. “If you respect me, I’ll respect you,” as most people would say.

It's easy to lose respect for someone, especially when you catch them doing something that’s out of their perceived character. You can think very highly of a person but all it takes is for them to do something shady in order for you to change your mind.

The best way to gain respect from your co-workers, your family, or even clients is by paying your dues. What does it mean to pay your dues? It’s simple, this basically means putting in some type of initial effort into something without the expectation of getting noticed for doing it and to show you’re dedicated to that particular thing or person.

So, when looking at a job, many people pay their dues during the first few weeks of their employment. This is usually the time where an employee is putting in as much work as possible whether that’s them showing up to work early or putting in overtime.

You’ll usually see workers like this always moving or always asking questions to show that they have what it takes to keep working at that job. Many people who have worked several jobs, understand that this is an essential skill to have whenever they do get hired somewhere.

Ultimately, what comes out of this is the respect you gain from other employees working there or people who are in a higher position than you. You have to pay your dues at some point during the process of employment or even when making new friends.

The initial work you would put in for building a relationship can be you taking that person out to eat or spending 30 minutes to an hour getting to know them.

Effort is What Makes Respect Possible

The amount of effort you put into everything you do will show itself eventually. When it comes to your career, there will be a lot of times where your effort will feel like it’s going unnoticed either by others or even by yourself.

It doesn’t feel right when you’re giving something your time and your energy and it’s giving nothing…



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