Somebody Will Acknowledge Your Personality, Until Then…

If you’re having trouble being yourself then it’s time to look within

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Are you somebody who judges others?

Do you look at somebody from a distance and try to figure out who they are as a person?

This may not be with bad intentions but maybe for “self-protection.”

We all have a habit of judging somebody we don’t know. It’s built into us as humans, there are ways to stop it but for the most part, it’s second nature.

Struggling with your personality can be hard in itself but having to display that imperfect personality to other people can be a nightmare. Many people experience this in their childhood and they are traumatized. Other kids can be so mean, with this in mind you start to tell yourself as a teenager or as an adult that all humans are mean.

This is not the case, everyone just has a hard time with being themselves.

You want to impress that special somebody you like, you need their validation for some reason. If they can validate you know, then maybe somewhere down the line they’ll be able to accept the real you. You shouldn’t have to use validation as a tool to get someone to like you.

The easiest way to eliminate the need for validation is to tell yourself constantly that “if someone is going to like me then it should be for me, not somebody that I’m not.”

This sounds a bit corny but you need to remind yourself of this because nobody will tell you otherwise. No matter how accomplished you become, people will still hate on you, they’ll still disagree with some ideas that you have, and they’ll still find a way to try and bring down your confidence.

Imagine, all of this because you have a hard time being yourself. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality, it’s not worth it to give other people the fake version of yourself.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Really, have you ever thought about this?

As a human you’re scared of not being accepted, something we can all relate to but have a hard time embracing. Let’s say that you have a very humored personality. You’re naturally goofy and love to make yourself and other people laugh. You see this as a negative because no one likes somebody who plays around too much, or at least that’s what society has told you.

If you’re introducing yourself to a new group of people, think about what’s the worst that could happen if you were to bring out your humor. Ok, one may be that they don’t understand the jokes you’re saying which may lead to an awkward silence.

Life is filled with awkward silence and yet you think that people will think about that moment of awkwardness forever? My friend, if something like this were to happen life would still continue and run its course, you have the option to keep the conversation going or to walk away. Either way, you have an opportunity to learn from that situation.

On one hand, you learned about a new group of individuals who don’t qualify to be your friends, there’s plenty of more people to meet by the way. On the other hand, you can put yourself in their shoes and see why they may not have received the joke as funny, that way you can work on other ways to have a more graceful introduction to a new group of people.

Don’t let rejection scare you from being your authentic true self, you will meet the right individuals to have fun with and be yourself with. If someone doesn’t want to acknowledge your personality then it’s their loss. They’re missing out on the prize that has the opportunity to make them a better person.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Becoming more comfortable with yourself

Being alone for a certain period of time can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. One thing that’s always beneficial about this situation is that you can always be yourself.

It pretty much sucks that you can’t be yourself around a certain group of people. Being able to be in a comfortable position with whoever you’re with is a good goal to have.

For one, this is something that many people can’t do. It’s scary, to say the least, you never know when you may say the wrong thing to piss somebody off, or maybe your actions may somehow offend somebody.

When you’re in an uncomfortable position like this, you don’t know where to turn, you’re basically stuck. Striving to be comfortable in these tough conditions can be accomplished with the right state of mind.

If you’re comfortable with yourself, then does it really matter what somebody else thinks about you?

Back when I was living on campus for my university I was experimenting with this idea without even knowing. I always felt comfortable in a classroom setting because it was a place of learning and with learning, I knew that it comes with mistakes and awkward moments.

So, I wasn’t afraid to start study groups with students I never met before, even if they said no I was confident to move on because I knew that what I was doing wasn’t necessarily bad, I was just being a student.

Being comfortable with myself as a student helped me to create some of the biggest study groups within the whole university and also helped with my confidence outside of the classroom as well.

Learn how to be more comfortable with your personality, at the end of the day your just a human who is trying to socialize and give value on to others, there’s nothing with that if you ask me.

Your personality will determine how many opportunities are presented to you

People will notice your confidence when you first interact with them. In a job interview, one of the underlying factors that employers look for is personality. They want somebody who is in control of their actions and knows the best parts of their personality.

The opportunities that come with a strong personality don’t necessarily have to only be with business but with personal relationships as well. People are more attracted to confidence than anything, it’s something that we humans admire about each other.

If that person had confidence then I now that it’s possible for me to have confidence as well.

Once you become in tune with your personality people will want to be friends with you. I’m not saying that you should strive to gain people’s attention but this is just a natural product of building up your personality.

You will have the opportunity to meet new people and see how their personality correlates to yours or if it doesn’t. When you’re able to be yourself no matter where you are, you will soon come to realize that there are opportunities everywhere.

One issue that you may have is signing up for the gym, you’re initially anxious to go because you’re afraid that people will judge you or give you dirty looks. Once you take hold of your personality you will see the gym as a place to meet new people and you won't care what they think about your workout routines.

When building more confidence in yourself you will learn that you will not and you cannot impress everyone. Which takes a lot of the pressure off of you for trying to be perfect.

One last thing to think about is using your personality to help people or in other words using your personality to help create opportunities for other people. Offering help to somebody who is having a hard time with their confidence or introducing one of your shy friends to somebody new.

Learn how to use your personality for the greater good and you will start to love yourself even more.

You have a unique personality that many people would die for. Start embracing this personality and find out what you like most about it. I’ll leave you with quite from Oscar Wilde that says

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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