Somebody Will Acknowledge Your Personality, Until Then…

If you’re having trouble being yourself then it’s time to look within

Brandon Bell
6 min readOct 2, 2020


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Are you somebody who judges others?

Do you look at somebody from a distance and try to figure out who they are as a person?

This may not be with bad intentions but maybe for “self-protection.”

We all have a habit of judging somebody we don’t know. It’s built into us as humans, there are ways to stop it but for the most part, it’s second nature.

Struggling with your personality can be hard in itself but having to display that imperfect personality to other people can be a nightmare. Many people experience this in their childhood and they are traumatized. Other kids can be so mean, with this in mind you start to tell yourself as a teenager or as an adult that all humans are mean.

This is not the case, everyone just has a hard time with being themselves.

You want to impress that special somebody you like, you need their validation for some reason. If they can validate you know, then maybe somewhere down the line they’ll be able to accept the real you. You shouldn’t have to use validation as a tool to get someone to like you.

The easiest way to eliminate the need for validation is to tell yourself constantly that “if someone is going to like me then it should be for me, not somebody that I’m not.”

This sounds a bit corny but you need to remind yourself of this because nobody will tell you otherwise. No matter how accomplished you become, people will still hate on you, they’ll still disagree with some ideas that you have, and they’ll still find a way to try and bring down your confidence.

Imagine, all of this because you have a hard time being yourself. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality, it’s not worth it to give other people the fake version of yourself.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Really, have you ever thought about this?

As a human you’re scared of not being accepted, something we can all relate to but have a hard time embracing. Let’s say that you have a very humored…



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