Stop Expecting Your Life to Turn Around Tomorrow

Sometimes you need a wake-up call from yourself

Who hasn’t messed up? Mistakes can be painful, regretful, embarrassing, etc…. Some mistakes tend to be bigger than others, these mistakes sometimes put a scar on us and they live with us forever. Or at least we think they live with us forever.

There’s probably a mistake in your life that you think about every day, it’s not that you want to purposely think of that mistake but it just pops in your head without any warning.

This can sometimes cause you to have a bad day even if your day was going well. After a certain period of time, you come to realize that the mistake you made in the past is irreversible and you can’t control it.

All you can control is how your life goes moving forward, how do you keep going when you’re still suffering consequences from your mistakes in the present?

Let this go through your head: “Your life isn’t going to change tomorrow.” Hard to hear but it’s true, who’s to say it can’t but let’s be honest you know it’s true. In order to fx ourselves into success, we have to become comfortable with success in the long run.

You have to be comfortable with living with that mistake for a certain amount of years until it leaves you. You may wake up in the morning with a stomach full of butterflies and not wanting to get out of bed but why not try and fight?

Since you have the opportunity to get better, you might as well capitalize on it. You probably already knew that your life wasn’t going to change tomorrow but you’ve never read it or heard out loud, so when you do, your whole perspective change.s Don’t live your life for tomorrow, live it for what you can do today!

It’s Not Your Turn Yet

This also may be tough for you to hear but once again it’s true and you know it is. The universe has a funny way of working, people get to different levels of their lives at different times.

You may have a friend who is the same age as you and they may be rich or you may have a friend your age who is in better shape than you. It hurts, you start to ask yourself “why am I not in the same position as them?” Have you ever thought that it just might be your turn yet?

Yes, they may have had an opportunity that came to them earlier in life but what concern is it to you? They have something that you don’t have yet, the keyword here is “yet.”

If you want what they have so bad then what are you doing to get it? Is it that you want what they have or is it that you think you want what they have? It’s hard to figure this out on your own but the truth is that you don’t have it and you need to do something about it.

Don’t look at your friends who are successful as enemies, look at them as testaments to what can be done. Do you think they want to hear that you’re jealous of them? It may make them feel a little better about themselves but eventually, they’re not going to want to be your friend anymore.

Start creating a plan to get to where you want to go and live your life with a “sense of urgency!” As the life coach Kevin Samuels said in one of his YouTube videos.

While you’re waiting your turn, you need to be working and keeping your mind in check. Waiting for your turn can be hard when you don’t know if your turn will ever come.

There is a level of risk involved when it comes to waiting your turn. It may feel like at times you’re waiting for nothing but little do you know that the universe is watching and it’s creating a scenario for you that you would’ve never seen coming. Be patient and wait in line like many others are, if you stay in that line long enough and you don’t leave like other people, your turn will come.

Get the Disney Movies Out of Your Head

Who doesn’t love Disney movies? They’re great to watch and they provide so much hope for our lives, especially when we are younger. The only problem with Disney movies is that they speed up the process of the amount of work that the main character of the movie does to overcome their obstacles.

Let’s look at a movie that almost every American and even newborn is aware of and that is the Lion King. A Disney movie where the main character Simba ends up losing his Dad early on in the movie and has to grow up to be the “King” faster than he would’ve liked along without having a father figure.

During the film, Simba ends up running away from home and meets new animals in the jungle to help him grow. The film shows Simba transform from a baby cub into a whole adult Lion within a matter of minutes. This is where people start to think that their lives are like a Disney movie.

Your growth process is not going to be in minutes, it’s going to take years and it’s not going to be fun. As a matter of fact, you’re going to consider going back to normal real quick because not many people can persevere through that pain.

We need to get these Disney movies out of our heads, they’re great to watch with your family or if you ever need a little boost of motivation. Your life is a movie but it’s just a long one, this perspective can help you get through tough times and regain hope for your future.

Just remember that your life is not going to change in minutes or even tomorrow, it’s going to take time but that time will go by fast when you’re doing all that you can to get to the next level.

If you look at a lot of other success stories, most of them didn’t happen overnight. It took people almost their whole lives to be successful, there were some people who had to enjoy their success for only a few years.

If you keep thinking that your life is going to change tomorrow then you will get tired of the process and give up as most people do. Do what you have to do and just hold on for a bit, look down the road and you’ll see the prize.

Not Tomorrow, But Maybe In a Few Years

Your time will come, just understand that it will come when you least expect it. There may be an opportunity that presents itself and it may feel like it’s going to your big break but it won’t. You can’t get your hopes up in this game called life, you have to roll with punches and let the good things come.

If you try and go against the natural order of the world, your life will take a turn for worse. There are no cheat codes but there is something you can do that not many people are willing to do and that’s to work.

Whatever time you have to work, use it to your advantage because there will be times where you want to work but your time will be limited. Stop waiting for your magical gift to come into your hand, instead develop into the best version of yourself, that way, it will fall into your hands without having to reach for it.

Take a day to just reevaluate everything that you’re doing on your road to success. Instead of chasing your goals for the next day, set a plan out that will help you get to that goal each year you work towards it. I’ll leave you with a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson that says

“Self-sacrifice is the real miracle out of which all the reported miracles grow.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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