The 48-Hour Recharge Method

How to regain energy for the upcoming work week

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Do you ever feel like a zombie?

Moving through life’s difficult tasks with no energy whatsoever and by the weekend you exhausted. Weekends should be used to recharge the inner battery that we have inside of us.

We’re constantly making sure that our phones are recharged so why not make sure that our bodies are doing the same?

You don’t need to sign up for a special getaway retreat or an all-expenses-paid vacation in order to get a renewed sense of energy. All you need is 48 hours and your mind.

Our weekends have turned messy, we don’t schedule them as much as we should because that in itself takes a lot of energy to do.

Have you ever been so mentally drained that you start to count how many days are left before the weekend? As a working culture, we’ve come up with phrases like “TGIF” and “Happy Humpday.” I would always question that one GEICO commercial where there was a camel in an office yelling “HUMP DAY!”

It wasn’t until I entered the workforce where someone explained that it was a celebration for getting through half of the week.

How sad is that?

Instead of being excited for each and every day, we have to struggle for five or more days to have “fun.” On your days off from work, you should be able to do whatever you want without any stress for the following week but you need to focus on recharging yourself as well.

Monday through Friday can be brutal and sometimes it will feel like the week is going by fast but it depends on what we’re doing in the week in order for it to feel like that.

Don’t you want to be excited when you wake up on Monday?

You want to know that you have a purpose in the world, you just need to remind yourself two out of seven days of the week and you will be set.

After trial and error with different weekend routines, I’ve found one that helps me attack the five-day workweek with a bang!

Day 1: Waking Up Earlier Than Usual

Usually, on the first day of your weekend, you may think that sleeping in is the right thing to do. It could be depending on how late you were up the night before but why not try waking up early on a Saturday? Sounds pretty odd, doesn’t it?

Well, there’s a reason for this, hear me out, unlike during the week where you wake up at a set time to get ready for work or school you would be waking up early on a day where you don’t have a lot of stuff to worry about.

If we’re being honest though, there’s something that we’re always worried about during the weekend that eats us up all the way until Monday morning. During this time where you’re up earlier than most, get a headstart on those things that worry you.

Start small with stuff like cleaning up around your room or house and work your way up into scheduling what you want your weekend to look like. There may be some stuff from work that you had to take home for the weekend or if you’re a student there might be a test you should be studying for that’s on Monday.

Whatever little stress that you have in your mind when going into the weekend, save it for Saturday morning. You’ll feel more productive and energized knowing that you’re not sleeping in like everybody else.

After you’ve finished your chores around the house, make yourself a nice hardy breakfast. Basically, a simple reward for getting yourself out of bed that morning. Don’t limit yourself on this breakfast either, go all in! You probably haven't had the time or energy to make the perfect breakfast during the workweek, treat yourself at least this one time.

You also won’t have the stress of being under a certain schedule because you’re up earlier than usual. This is only part one of the processes to recharge your inner batteries.

Day 1 Continued: Take As Many Naps As Possible

You thought that I was going to make you suffer through an early morning just to have breakfast? You’ll have more time to catch up on some sleep! The reason why you want to take naps after that early morning routine is because when you sleep in you tend to start putting those simple chores off or in the back of your head.

The last thing you’re thinking about is cleaning your room when you wake up at one o'clock in the afternoon, you’d probably be starving by then. Let’s be honest here, Saturday for you is probably your “fun day” out of the days of the week and it should be.

You will desire some sort of time to enjoy yourself, although it is kind of limited right now due to everything that’s going on. For this reason, you may be inside for more than you would like to. No worries, this is the perfect time to recharge!

Split half of your day hanging out with your friends or doing whatever you would like and spend the other half taking naps. You were complaining about being tired throughout the week so now is your chance to get that sleep you deserve without feeling guilty about not getting your chores done.

Naps are a lot more enjoyable than sleeping in, do you ever get mad at yourself for not being able to get out of bed? It’s like you know you should but you just “can’t.” Even if it’s the weekend, I know that I still feel a little guilty about it later on in the day.

Taking a few hours to nap throughout the day will make you a lot happier. Nothing beats a nice one hour nap after a movie and some food or at least that’s just me on Saturdays.

Day one of your recharge should be spent having fun while getting some rest at the same time, it’s a process that is easy to adapt and will allow you to use your time more wisely.

Day 2: Mental Health and Self Care Day

The next day you should be feeling a bit better than the day before, you’ve had a full day of rest prior and your mind may feel a little more clear.

How does your mind usually feel on Sunday?

On one hand, you may be happy because you have another day off from work but on the other, you have to go back to work tomorrow. So, how should you be spending your Sundays? Use this day to help yourself find peace. Become accepting of the following week of work you have, but by the end of this day, you’ll be looking at your next work week with a totally different perspective.

Try waking up early again this Sunday. If you feel like you can’t then don’t force yourself too, this energy should come naturally from motivation to get an early start to your day. Start your morning off peaceful, no matter what time you wake up. Use the bathroom and get yourself ready for the day but before you actually start your day, sit down and close your eyes for ten minutes.

I’m not saying you have to meditate but take some time to listen to your thoughts, even talk to yourself a little bit. I like to have a mental conversation with myself on Sunday mornings about what I’m going to do for that day.

After you’re done doing this for a few minutes, take a stretch. Get your body loose and try to eliminate any tension you may be feeling in the body, this could be in your neck, hips, or even your feet. Spend another ten minutes doing this and allow yourself to become loose.

This is your day to relax so do whatever you want just don’t stress yourself out too much. If you want to go back to bed then do so or you can go for a walk outside. Make sure that you’re keeping your body stretched out through the day so that you feel energized and are getting your blood flowing properly through your system.

Now, the self-care part of your day can be giving yourself a massage or even taking some time to take a long hot shower. Find different ways to rehabilitate your body and mind to get it ready for the upcoming week. At the end of your Sunday, do some journaling and some more meditation. You want to end your day off with a plan for the following week and with some motivation as well.

The next week might look a little scary then but let yourself be ok with that. Give yourself a pep talk before going to bed and try reading or listening to some motivational quotes as well.

Everyone’s schedule differs, you may not have Saturday’s and Sunday’s off from work but try implementing some of these techniques on any day that you have off. Or even if you just have some time to yourself and don’t know what to do, spend it doing something like I described above.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Susan C. Young that says

“Are you managing your energy well and using it for things that matter? Do you stop to recharge before you push yourself to critically low levels? Unplug to recharge.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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