The Importance of Taking Your Time

Why you shouldn’t always be in a rush…

Sometimes we are forced to rush, whether we’re late to work, school, or even a date. It’s never a good feeling knowing that we’re going to be late to a place where we’re supposed to show up at a certain time. It’s not fair to the people who are waiting on us even though they’re probably in a rush too.

We also tend to rush for no particular reason at times, we feel like we need to get things done by a certain time because we’ve constructed our lives in that way. Everyone has 24 hours in a day but many of us are afraid to use it all up for some reason.

Well, aren't we supposed to use all of those hours to our advantage? You probably give yourself an illusion of thinking that the more work you get done and the more in a rush you are of doing that work, the more productive you are being.

This isn't the case in all situations because there are times where we rush ourselves to do a particular thing but we can't even focus on it because our minds are racing. In order to stop your mind from racing, you have to take your time with what you’re doing.

You’re probably reading this saying “Take my time? I’m not a little child anymore!” Well, while you’re not a baby anymore you should still take into consideration this technique because it has done wonders for many people.

When you're taking your time with whatever you're doing your focus on that one thing increases. Let’s say that you forgot to do your laundry on the weekend and you only have a couple of hours to do it because you have to meet your friends for dinner soon.

Instead of rushing to wash all of your clothes in those few hours, text your friends saying you’ll be a little late due to laundry and they will understand. You don’t want to lie in these conversations because you’ll just set yourself up for more stress.

Focus on doing your laundry for that time being and make sure you’re washing the most important clothes because if you were to rush and do this, there’s a chance that you might mess up your clothes because you weren’t focused.

There have been so many times where I was rushing to do my laundry and forgot to add soap into the washer before turning it on. Take your time, not only will things get easier but you won’t have that overwhelming anxiety that with rushing.

Stop Distracting Yourself

How often would you say that you district yourself on a daily basis? I’m guilty of this from time to time where instead of focusing only on my schoolwork, I pop on a youtube video in the background because I think it will “help” me get my work done faster. We tend to distract ourselves constantly because sometimes we get bored with the process of doing certain things.

It’s okay to do this every once in a while but we need to learn how to actually enjoy what we’re doing. Your biggest distraction despite your age is probably your phone, trust me, you’re not the only one that struggles with putting down their phone.

Admitting that your phone is a distraction is a step in the right direction when wanting to become more focused. Here’s what usually happens in a situation where your phone becomes a distraction:

You start working on something that you’ve been meaning to work on the whole week but you finally motivate yourself to start, for this sake let's say it’s sending out emails to clients for your side hustle.

As you begin to write your first email, you hear a buzzing sound on your desk. It’s your phone and it’s going off like crazy, you check your phone and realize that it’s a scam number calling you.

Instead of declining the call and putting your phone back down, you decide to check on a few social media apps to make sure you didn’t miss anything else. Without realizing you’ve been on your phone for five minutes and that’s the same amount of time it would’ve taken you to send out that first email.

We have to stop distracting ourselves and focus more. This takes discipline and practice, you need to understand how valuable your time is in order for you to stop distracting yourself.

Five minutes on your phone make not sound like a big deal to you but over time that five minutes turns into 10, 15, and etc… Figure out your own unique ways of limiting your distractions, that way you can have more focus on what’s in front of you.

Build Your Own Pace

This is something that you should really learn about yourself because when you know what pace works for you, you’re able to plan stuff out in advance. Let's say for instance this article, I know that at the pace I write at it usually takes me an hour to an hour and thirty minutes to complete an article.

From knowing that, I’m able to plan out the rest of my day and figure out what I’m going to do after this article is done. You want to stay in the race for as long as you can, if you’re moving too fast then you may tire yourself out, if you go too slow then you may never finish.

Finding what works for you will allow you to get into a zone so that you don’t have to take long breaks when working. Look at some of the top marathon runners in the world, or if you’ve ever walked or ran in a marathon then you’ve seen some people who have their own pace.

They may start at the back of the race but towards the end, they’re in the front and they feel great doing it because they didn’t tire themselves out. Try doing this the next time you’re doing something important, even when cleaning your entire house, it may seem intimidating at first but when you work at a pace where you’re comfortable but you’re also pushing yourself a little bit at the same time, you end up saving a lot of hours to yourself for the day.

Taking your time is an art but it’s also something that shouldn't be thought-about too much. That’s right, even though I’m making this sound like it’s a whole complicated process to do, it’s really not.

It just takes some self-observation and consistency to really master this skill. Don't compare yourself to others when doing something where you need to take your time. This will only slow you down even more because you’re more focused on that other person than what you’re actually trying to do.

You Get a Lot More Done

Being able to take your time will also give you the opportunity to get more done. When you're in that zone of focusing on one thing at a time, the day starts to go by faster and time also goes by quickly. You will start on one thing and then be able to smoothly transition over into something else without feeling super tired.

Taking your time gives you joy, no one likes to be in a rush, you experience less stress when taking your time. This is something that not everyone is willing to do, even when out in public.

Everything that you do with grace and focus will be good of quality. At the end of the day, which do you prefer? Quality or quantity. people, like your friends, may look at you funny for taking your time but they will also have some respect for you because they would like to do the same for themselves. Life becomes a lot more smooth sailing when you’re able to take your time.

Start applying this philosophy in your life today so that you can be less stressed. Don’t let your anxiety build when you’re in a rush, instead, breathe and take your time. I’ll leave you with a quote from Laozi that says

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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