The Morning Routine That Will Give You the Most Peace

Start your mornings off right with easy, peaceful practices

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We’re all looking for a new morning routine in 2021, as hectic as the world is right now, we need our mornings to be as peaceful as they can get. It’s no secret that there is a lot of chaos going in the world and as a result of that there seems to be a lot of chaos within ourselves too.

Is this all of our own fault? Or has the world been rapidly out of control lately? It’s good that we ask ourselves questions like this to understand what our perception is of the world right now. Our morning routines are starting to matter more now because it’s so easy to get into a negative attitude currently.

One minute of the news talking about the spiking cases of the virus or something negative that’s going on with politics has the power to turn our attitude from upbeat to sour within seconds.

As much as we want to ignore the news, we cant, it’s everywhere and we have to be mentally strong enough to deal with it. How do we become mentally stronger throughout the day? Well, it all starts in the morning, our mornings determine how our day is going to go whether we like it or not.

There are certain things we can control once we wake up from our beauty sleep and that is our mindset and actions. Saying positive affirmations when you first wake or giving thanks for having the opportunity to wake up in the morning can help us to be in a better mood instantly.

But after repetition and doing that constantly over time we feel like we need something new. Something that will help us be in an even more positive mood than we already were in before.

Positivity is great but what about inner peace? It’s something we all strive for and that we all want but it seems to be too far of a reach. You can gain this inner peace in your mornings by doing a few simple practices.

Get Up and Stretch

After you get up from your bed and freshen up, take some time to stretch. How often do you stretch now? Not a quick stretch where you try to loosen your body for a few seconds but a whole session where you are taking time to loosen each body part.

Your new stretching routine can go as followed: Starting from your lower body, stretch out each of your legs for a total of 30 seconds each. This should cause a slight burning sensation in your calves as your body is taking time to warm up.

Once you’re done with your legs, put them together into a butterfly position and hold for 30 seconds again. Once your lower body feels nice and loose, move up to your upper body and stretch your arms out one at a time for 30 seconds.

The point of this is to take your time when you’re stretching in the morning. You’re taking time to get your body ready for the day because no one likes to feel stiff all day long. This will give you more peace throughout the day and will help you to not stress when doing something physical later on in the day like exercising or lifting up heavy items around your home.

Not many people take time to stretch like this in the morning which causes them to have constant back pain and continuous aching in their body. Unfortunately, this can catch up to you with age and is not fun to deal with. Invest in your flexibility now so that you can be much looser when you get older and so you can start having more peaceful mornings.

The way how you respond to the world starts with your attitude and then your body. Many people tend to overlook how important stretching is because it seems like an inconvenience to do at times and it seems to more uncomfortable than it actually is. Stretching is actually pretty relaxing and can help you feel relaxed throughout the day.

Yes, Try to Meditate

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind in the morning. Sometimes we wake up with a headache or we wake up with stress from yesterday or for what's to come ahead.

Mediation helps us cope with those things, as you were doing with stretching, you’re working on your mind so that it can be at it’s most relaxed state possible.

Now, meditation is not the easiest thing for everyone to implement in their lives but with different apps and YouTube videos, guided meditation has taken the world by storm. Especially while all of us have been in quarantine.

The morning is the best time of day to relax your mind and it always will be due to the fact that you’re waking up from a relaxing sleep. Mediation can also help you get relaxed if you had a rough night of sleep. You know those nights where you just can’t find the right way to turn your pillow or you’re having bad dreams that prevent you from closing your eyes again.

Meditation is there whenever you need it to be, this is not something t you have to pay for with cash, you can literally do it at any time or anywhere. The reason why it’s so important to do this after you stretched is that it helps relax your mind and body at the same time.

When both your mind and body are at ease, you’re able to work more efficiently throughout the day and you will be in a happier mood. Achieving peace in the morning isn’t always easy, sometimes we get lucky when we wake up earlier than usual and we have a little bit of time to do what we want but there’s always a way to be at peace no matter how much time you have in the morning with the power of meditation.

Use this practice when you wake up, your meditation session can last anywhere from three, five, or ten minutes depending on how much peace you’re looking for that morning.

Listen to Music While Being Active

Exercise is not something that we all like to do but it can be easier to do with some music. Everyone has their own taste in music which is what makes it so interesting. After you’ve finished your stretching and mediation, turn on some tunes and get moving.

You don’t have to go for a run or go to the gym if you don’t want to but find a way to get active whether that’s going for a walk outside or having a mini dance session in your room. I'm a fan of both and listening to music makes the experience even better.

This is a simple way to start your day on a more carefree note. Find some music that motivates you or puts you at peace for the time given and find your preferred activity to do while listening.

Sing along to the lyrics and don’t think about anything else. This is also a form of meditation and can help you start being less reactive to stressful situations throughout the day. One of my favorite lyrics from the rapper Big Sean says “I don’t get mad, I don’t react, I just relax,” I sing these lyrics every morning and they have helped me to be a more calm person in general.

Your day is determined by how your morning goes, so start caring more about your mental health in the morning. Keep things simple and follow these techniques for a peaceful morning. I’ll leave you with a quote from Evan Carmichael that says

“Wake up early and tackle the day before it tackles you. Be on offense, not defense.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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