The Reason Why Everybody Loves Honesty

What is Honesty?

Telling the truth isn’t a type of art or special ability. It’s something you learn from when you are young. Being honest has always been a moral act, even from the time before we were born. In today’s world it can be hard especially when the average person may not want society to see their true colors. Of course, the act of honesty becomes more clearer than from when we we’re infants.

The Benefits of Being Honest

When lying to somebody, it usually comes form a type of reasoning and mostly from not wanting to get in trouble. Sometimes we get away with it, but if someone finds out the truth that you’ve told, their whole perception of you changes instantly. The respect that they once had for you is now gone, along with trust. This can be hurtful to the soul. When you are honest, that anxiety of being in trouble is now gone. You feel good about yourself when you tell the truth. Now when dealing with a situation where you feel like someone cannot handle the truth, you will be more confident in your words and actions.

Putting it Into Action

This is the hardest part about the process. Naturally we look up to people who aren’t afraid to tell the truth. It takes courage, its tough because you know its naturally right but on the other hand, controlling your emotions is hard too. Start small, start trying to be honest around the people you are most comfortable with. Eventually it will become second nature, you’ll make mistakes, but it will get easier along the way.

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A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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