The Secret to Becoming a More Interesting Person

A few simple tricks to start catching people’s attention

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At times, you may feel like you’re a boring person, everyone encounters this during some point in their life whether they’re old or young. You don’t want to be like everyone else but you want to be liked by everyone else. The truth is that you can’t impress everybody and you never will.

You may be able to surprise a big audience one day but there will always be somebody who just doesn’t relate or who doesn’t “get you.”

If you want to start being a more interesting person, stop trying. Stop trying to become somebody you’re not, instead strive to be the best version of yourself and how you can improve at all aspects of your life.

You need to have the right intentions when becoming a more interesting person. If you don’t then people will be able to see right through your facade. One of the many things that motivate us to become more interesting is the reality of not being able to relate to many conversations. You know those conversations that everybody is engaged in but you’re lost and don’t know what to say.

It hurts, to say the least, as much as you want to ask the people in your group what they’re talking about you can’t, it’s another set up for you to be embarrassed once again.

You look up to those people in your social group that always get all of the attention, for some reason they’re cool to be around. It’s not that they are better than you as a person, they have the ability to converse about everything and anything.

Not being interesting can cause feelings of loneliness, you may feel like you don't belong or that nobody values what you have to say. You start to have dreams about being somebody who everyone is always calling for help or always calling to have a conversation with.

You don’t need to do anymore dreaming my friend, let’s look at a few ways how you can become more interesting while being genuine with yourself at the same time.

Research something new every day

Have you ever caught yourself flipping through different t.v. channels trying to find something enjoyable to watch? Something that you’ve either watched before or have an interest in.

An easy to become a more interesting person is to stop on a random channel and watch a few minutes of whatever show is on. It should be something you wouldn’t usually watch but this is a first step to becoming more open-minded.

After you watch the show and analyze everything that you just saw, you’ll have a new conversation starter that you can bring to your friends. Whether you liked the show or not, it was a new experience for you. You can bring up how bad the show was or how interesting you found it to be. With enough persuasion, you get your friends to watch the same show and share their thoughts.

This same process can go for researching as well. You’re probably a victim of scrolling through social media too much. Instead of looking at this as a disadvantage, use this time to do some research om something you saw somebody post. Look for posts that make you scratch your head, go online, and see how that person gathered their opinion about the subject.

Once you do that, you can start to have a conversation with the person who made the original post, they will see you as a more interesting person immediately. The questions that go off in their head may go a little something like “How do they know so much about this topic?” or “Wow, I would've never thought they be interested in what I had to say.” If you think of yourself as interesting, then people will start to notice that about you as well.

Ask for recommendations

If you hear one of your friends mention something you have no idea about, ask them more about it and how you can learn more about it.

Many of my friends are into cars, they know the ins and outs of all the latest cars that are coming out and have come out. Now and then I will ask them about certain details about some of the cars they’re working on, this shows them that even though I don’t know anything about cars, I still have an open mind. This is the kind of message that you want to communicate with people while in conversations.

Have you ever noticed how some interesting people that you know don’t ever argue?

They are able to stand their ground but they’re open to all opinions. They’re genuinely interested in what somebody else thinks, which is often represented in their aura. Listen up for any recommendations that your friends give or recommendations from anybody you see.

You want to strive to be somebody who is always willing to learn no matter the time or the place.

Use recommendations to build your own random library, if you hear somebody mention a book that changed their life, find the book, and read it in detail. When taking interest into somebody else’s passion or hobbies, you want to treat them as if it were your own, that way you’re actually enjoying the process of becoming more knowledgable in that area.

I like to do this with podcasts, many of the people who I surround myself with have different perspectives on life, whenever I hear one of them mention a new podcast that they’re listening to I make a mental note of it and I ask them questions like “How did you find out about this podcast” or “What’s your favorite episode so far?” Remember becoming a more interesting person should be for your own good, not somebody else's.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

Learn about some of the world’s most interesting people

Make a list of some people who you find to be interesting, and of some of the people who are considered to be the world’s most interesting. Learn about their lifestyle, things like what they do every day, or certain habits that they have. You’ll be surprised by the number of similarities and differences that you share with those people.

Somebody who I like up to in that light is New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris. Tim is somebody who’s always researching ways to make his life more efficient and even happier at times. He’s known to be a “human guinea pig,” he got this name from becoming somebody known for constantly conducting experiments on himself.

This is just one example of somebody who is always having an open mind and is always willing to learn new things. So, when researching information about some of the world’s most unique people, try to find out what makes them so interesting.

What are these people most well known for and what do people have to say about them? Once figuring out some of these things that people like this do, start applying them to your life. Keep track of your progress. Only you will know when you’re becoming a more interesting person. Don’t rely on other people to tell you differently.

The path to becoming a more interesting person is only determined by you and the things you’re doing to become more interesting. I’ll leave you with a quote from Austin Kleon that says

“If you want to be interesting, be interested.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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