The Secret to Work-Life Balance

How to be effective in and out of work

This is probably one of the hardest things we have to do as humans. Finding balance in life is already hard enough but now when factoring in work, the game becomes much harder. We have to work in order to have fun outside of work and so we can eat at the end of the day.

What happens when work starts to take over our lives? We start to forget our true identity outside of work. We catch ourselves having a hard time living life off the clock and we seem to feel like something is missing. What’s missing is work-life balance, this is where we’re able to go to work when we have to but still make enough time for ourselves to keep our mental health in check.

When you apply for a job, they don’t tell you about the effect it can have on your brain or even on your physical health. You’re there to get things done for the company, even if that means sacrificing your personal time during the week to put them first.

As much as we should make an effort to help people when we can, we have to remember that our personal health comes first. How do you expect to even go into work if your body and mind are not being taken care of properly? It’s not an easy fix by any means but we have to start working on it in order to be better people and to become happier around others.

Not having a work-life balance will make you be more open to negative thoughts and you won’t be able to figure what’s wrong. We’ve all been in a position where we knew something was wrong with us but we just couldn’t put our finger on exactly what it is. Even our friends and family can tell us something is wrong with us but we still tell them that everything is okay so that they don’t feel sorry for us.

Start observing how you’re feeling at work and how you’re feeling outside of work. If both areas of your life are feeling depressed-like then you may want to reconsider your scheduling for both.

Making Time For Rest

If you feel like you don’t have the right amount of balance between work and your ordinary life then you should start checking on how much rest you’re getting. Also, ask yourself what rest actually means to you. Sometimes we confuse social media breaks to be considered rest but is that actually rest?

How much sleep are you getting a night and are you still doing strenuous things at work when you know that you’re injured? Think about it, if you’re working so hard at work to the point you’re injuring yourself, was that above and beyond workflow really worth it.

Once you’re injured you can no longer go to work and receive the paycheck that you look forward to every two weeks nor can you go out and hang with your friends. You need to start making time for actual rest. Allowing your body to heal no matter what kind of job you have.

If you have a job where you’re in an office and are mostly sitting down all day at the computer without proper ergonomics then you need to make sure you are taking time out of your day to rest your neck. Start bringing a neck pillow to work if your job allows you to and take small breaks in between work sessions to lay your neck on the pillow and allow it to heal.

The more you don’t take care of your neck in this situation the more prone you are to back pains and future neck pains that will be hard to get rid of.

If you have a job where you’re on your feet all day then you need to look for time on your break or when you get home to lay down or even get a quick nap in. Rest in this type of job is important because if you don’t make time for it then not only will your mind burnout but your body as well.

You know that this job wasn’t supposed to be easy but somehow you still found yourself working the hours you do with some regret, if you can, make a change in your schedule to where you can start getting some more days to yourself to rest your body so that you can be more productive at work.

Find Something Enjoyable In Both

Are you finding it hard to find joy in both work and life? You’re not alone, many people start to feel am empty feeling on and off the clock. A fix to this that will come with time is to start noticing what you like about work and what you like about life outside of work. Once those things are identified then you will understand why both are not as bad as you once thought they were.

When going into work, I know that I’m going to get a sense of productivity through me. Which not only makes time go by but makes me feel like I have a purpose in being there. Knowing that the work that I do does not contribute to all of the company’s success but it does help it at least a little bit makes me feel like the company needs me in a sense which makes me want to be there in the first place.

I challenge you to start looking more into what you do at work, how much is it impacting the company? Remind yourself that you are part of the reason why your company is doing as good as it is now.

Let’s look at life, have you been finding it boring as of recently? You may want to pick up a hobby or a side hustle to start enjoying it more. What these two things do is help you to find out what your purpose is here on earth. Finding out what your purpose is will give you a reason to get off of work excited.

Let’s say your hobby is reading. Start treating yourself with this hobby every time you get off of work. Not only can reading be fun but it can educate you as well.

Another thing you can look forward to at work is the co-workers that actually give you a sense of joy. Start appreciating them more by having a conversation with them when you can and work on the different tasks at hand for your job, which will grow your guy's relationship even more. You may not want to grow too much if an attachment with just one co-worker, try and build rapport with others as well so that when your “favorite” person isn’t there you’ll still have somebody else who you’re excited to see.

Constantly Improve In Both Areas of Your Life

How can you be a better employee at work? You may not have the motivation to right now but if you’re are finding work extremely unfulfilling then this may be something to think about.

Usually, this question can cause a lot of upfront stress but what we don’t realize about becoming a better worker at our job is that it can make us feel really appreciated.

Who doesn't like someone who isn’t willing to work hard? Those people are always having an effect on everyone else to work harder than they usually do. These workers are like a magnet, everyone appreciates them just a little bit more when they come into work.

Outside of work, take into consideration how you can become a better person. Start reading self-improvement books and take some action in your life. These actions can be exercising, fixing your diet, or even just spending more time with your thoughts.

Having balance in life and work is not the easiest thing to figure out in the world. Having patience and putting in some effort to have that balance is something that we can all achieve with patience. I’ll leave you with a quote from Paul Tsongas that says

“No one on his deathbed ever said. ‘I wish I spent more time at the office’.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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