“The Struggle is Real,” Here’s How to Deal With It

Learn to accept the up’s and down’s of life

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Don’t you just feel like throwing in the towel sometimes? Nothing is working, your side hustle isn’t taking off any time soon and you’re not enjoying life to it’s fullest. You’re struggling and it’s okay.

Everyone experiences moments of struggle whether it’s daily, weekly, or even monthly. It’s a term that we’re all too familiar with. You can even see when a person is struggling. They may have a look of exhaustion on their face or their body language looks poor.

The only good thing about struggle is that we can all relate to it somehow. Who knows, maybe this struggle we’re experiencing now we’ll somehow benefit us in the future. It’s hard to think this way but when it comes down to it, it’s all perspective. You have the option to see the struggle as good or bad.

You may like to think of it in a negative way because you want to feel sorry for yourself, you can’t help it. No one cares about the struggles you’re dealing with because everyone else is dealing with their own.

Is there anybody who has the answers to how we can overcome struggle?

Yes, there are many life coaches out in the world who make a living helping people with this but shouldn’t these problems be cured by ourselves?

It’s always good to have help but some battles need to be faced alone, it’s the truth. No one likes to hear this but a lot of the inner battles that we face as humans can only be defeated by our self.

The struggle is real, especially in 2020 but there are a few things we can do to help change our perspective of it.

Think on the Brighter Side

So, how are you doing?

Is there anything going in your life that you want to talk about?

We hear this from people who are close to us or maybe even a therapist who we see every week but we take it as a common question that is used to break the ice. We don’t even realize the good that is coming from these words when heard.

People actually care about you enough to ask how you’re feeling. That’s a blessing in itself!

Whenever you feel down or you’re struggling it’s always a good idea to follow the cliche of “look on the brighter side.” You will find this piece of advice in almost every self-help blog that you read, it’s in every one for a reason.

This piece of wisdom has helped many people with their mental health and with their perception of the world. Let's look at an example, during the pandemic many people have lost their jobs, unfortunately, which for some may feel like it’s the end of the world and for others, they may see it as an opportunity.

On one hand, you can be sad about not being employed for the time being (which is easier to do), or on the other hand, you can start on a side hustle that you’ve always wanted to do.

It’s all about perception, people are automatically drawn to the negatives of a situation because it’s a lot easier to do. If you want to start struggling less, you’re going to have to change the way you view struggle. Instead of looking at what’s not going well in your life, look at what is good. You will feel a sense of happiness when discovering the good things that life has to offer in the midst of struggle.

Always ask yourself this question “How can I turn my struggle into something beautiful?”

Being Present Is Underrated

Do you ever take a moment to pause throughout your day?

This can be very effective with the right intentions. Many times we’re unaware of the constant cycle of work in our lives. We wake up and don’t even think about how we’re feeling or how other people are feeling, we’re only worried about what we have to do that day.

When it comes to being present, you have to take it as literally as possible. You are here and you are breathing, the air is brushing off your body and you can feel small tingles on your skin. Think about this, think about what’s going on around you.

One way how I stay present daily is by taking a few minutes out of my day to meditate. During this meditation session I am focusing mostly on two things, one my breath and two how my body feels.

Sometimes you won’t even think about how you’re body is feeling, as long you know that you ate that day then you think you’re good. There will be times where your body is trying to tell you something. Your body gets tired and sometimes it even gets excited.

Have you ever wondered why you had so much energy in your body but felt mentally drained? Or vice versa. This is why it’s beneficial to have an open mind to how you’re body is reacting in the present moment.

When I say body I don’t only mean your stomach or a certain part of your chest but all over. Sometimes your head will hurt while other parts of your body will feel fine. Just remember to take deep breaths when feeling stressed.

You shouldn’t be focusing on your struggles 24 hours a day, spend some time breathing and focusing on the present moment. Again this is another cliche in the self-help world but has the ability to change your life.

Appreciate the Struggle, There Will Be Days to Reflect

What’s different about the days where you’re feeling great and the days where you're feeling horrible? Well, on the good days you’re not really thinking about your struggles, and on the bad days, that’s all you can think about.

When one obstacle enters into our life, it’s not long before another one does. We adapt to that initial struggle over time and we learn to work with it, it almost feels like you have no choice but to.

Instead of being so pessimistic about the obstacles you’re dealing with, start to appreciate them. The times where you feel as if you’re at your lowest point is usually the best time to learn more about yourself. Life isn’t easy as we all know and some obstacles will be harder to deal with than others. Just remember that all of the times where you felt like giving up they were supposed to happen, it’s part of your journey here on Earth.

I have yet to find somebody who has lived a perfect life, for some people they may deal with money issues, and for others, they deal more with mental issues. Everyone’s story is different which is something else that you should keep in mind too.

The struggles that you’re dealing with now will help you in the future. You may be placed in a similar scenario in a few years, what can you learn from this moment that is going to help you in the future.

One day, you will look at all of your bad days and reflect. You will either be thankful for those days or you will put pity on yourself for those days. Aim to be the person who reflects and is thankful, the tough situations that you've faced in the past have helped you become the person you are today.

Even though you may still struggle now, you’re a lot wiser and smarter then you were in the past. You can also share your experiences with others who may be going through similar situations that you’ve gone through.

Don’t question yourself when it comes to struggling, it’s something that everyone has to deal with. Be different and embrace struggles knowing that they will help you become a stronger person. I’ll leave you with a quote from Orison Swett Marden that says

“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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