The Top 4 Things to Expect When Going to College

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Being on Your Own

When in college the decisions that were once controlled by your loved ones are now out the window. Your actions become a bit less thought about and it seems that you have complete control over your life. You don’t have to think about the second voice in your head that was planted in you from when you were a baby, your choices become your responsibility. Of course, there may be times where you may hit a stump and feel stuck. But when you’re making that choice on how to handle it that’s when you realize you’re on your own.

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Adapting to New Experiences

The “college experience” is a little over hyped and can cause students to feel like they’re missing out on something that they can experience when going to any new place with new surroundings. Although, there are some things that occur to a new university student when transitioning from high school. Some of these things include more classmates and a wider variety of things to do in your free time. These options cause you to make different interactions with people you may have never thought you’d talk to. Your comfort level is being stretched and while it may not feel natural in the moment it’s helping you grow mentally.

Days Going by Faster

Your days become a lot more scheduled and you build a repetitive routine that have an impact on your time as well. This is especially the case when being employed too, since you may have class in the morning and right after you go to work, by the time your home the day is done, and you may be falling asleep earlier than usual… if not studying.

Finding Yourself

Remember, if you get anything from being in college it’s to remember the times that you have matured. No matter what anyone tells you about the “college experience,” it may not be the same for you, so just enjoy the time you are there and think of it as a stepping stool to getting higher in life and knowing yourself more than anyone else ever will.

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