This Is How to Be Happier Without Stressing Yourself Out

A reminder of what matters most in your life

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You’ve been through a lot. It’s not surprising that you’re still fighting the fight because you know how strong you are. Even when moments got bad, you didn't give up, or even when you felt like you were going to give up things became maintainable.

Why do you find that during most parts of your life you’re sad?

It’s ok to be sad once in a while but it shouldn't be something you have to deal with every day. You deserve to be happy and don’t let anybody tell you differently.

You may find yourself having moments of intense emotion, these emotions can feel uncontrollable at times. You feel like you’re in the fight alone. Your personal battles are only meant for you, they teach you life lessons that are uniquely understandable to you.

Have you ever told a friend about a situation you were going through and they couldn't relate?

They may say they understand but you can tell they don't. Your experience with personal issues will always be hard for other people to understand. That’s why you need to be happy with these issues, be happy that they are happening to you. Remind yourself that you are unique and that you’re strong enough to fight these battles.

It’s always good to talk about these issues with somebody else so that you can get a different perspective but allow yourself to suffer a little bit. This may sound kind of scary but look deep down to see how you’re being affected by these personal issues, usually, when you dig deep, you find the answers to these problems as well.

Being happy is not something you can force upon yourself, it’s more of a natural feeling. If you’ve been feeling down lately, let's look into a few reasons why you actually deserve to be happy and not depressed all of the time.

You’ve made other people happy

Everyone has had their fair share of selfless moments. Whether it was volunteer work or getting a birthday gift for a friend, you’ve made some type of effort to help somebody out with their journey to happiness.

Often times, seeing other people smile from our generous deeds also puts a smile on our face as well. Doing helpful things for other people doesn’t always have to be transactional, but it something to think about when figuring out where your happiness is hiding.

If you have friends that you talk to frequently, you know what it’s like to see somebody other than yourself being genuinely happy. Try to focus on how you can make your friends even happier, don't do it necessarily for something in return but do it because you want them to be happy. The world will repay you eventually but don’t think about when it’s going to happen exactly.

Once you’ve done this with your friends, go, help people, that you might not be as close too. Giving out compliments is a great way to put a smile on a stranger’s face.

Another simple thing that you can do is offering to let somebody go in front of you in line at a grocery store, generosity is usually the easiest way to make somebody happy.

If you think you’re so deserving of happiness, what makes you think that other people are not? Especially the people who are sacrificing their time for other people’s happiness.

Something I like to do whenever going into a store is to talk to any employee that is helping as if they were my friend. Saying their name throughout questions I have for them and being polite is something that always seems to trigger a smile from them.

You deserve happiness because you are constantly bringing happiness to others, just be patient and you will come to a realization that happiness has been in front of you all along.

Being happy will help you look at life optimistically

When you’re happy, everything sort of takes a pause. Whether you’re smiling from ear to ear or laughing historically, all of your focus is on how you’re feeling. Any doubt or anxiety that was once in your mind before suddenly disappears for that moment.

If you can figure out a way to be in this paused state all throughout your life, then you will instantly look at life differently. It’s not easy to look at your life right now in a more positive light, there's negativity being flooded everywhere.

You have the option to take these negative things and turn them into positives. By no means is this supposed to be easy but the amount of work you put into making these negatives situations into positive ones will be unproportionate to the amount of happiness you will receive in return.

Many people complain that there are no opportunities for them at the moment and it’s easy to think like that and understand why they may think so but usually opportunities are not what you may envision them to be.

Many times, opportunities are not pretty, they come with a lot of baggage and unattractive traits but more or less they are opportunities. When you see an opportunity present itself to you, just remember that it’s not going to be easy to take on. It’s going to require a lot of dirty work to make that opportunity into something positive.

Take Medium, for example, many people (including myself) were looking for a way to make a living off of blogging without having to do the hard work of creating their own website. Once I found out about Medium I realized that even though it was easy to get started, it was still going to take a long time for me to see the returns that I initially wanted, but nonetheless, this is an opportunity that I had the option to take or not.

No one deserves to be sad all of their life

How are you supposed to accomplish anything if you’re sad all of your life? Being successful is going to require you to be optimistic more times than not, depending on what success means to you.

There are almost too many definitions of success in this world but many people can agree that a feeling of happiness has to do with it or at least I hope they do.

Some of the people who you look up to seem to have a way of being genuine all of the time. Even though you’ve never met them in person, you assume that they’re happy. Not only because of the lifestyle they live but because of the words, they say as well.

They know that being sad isn't something that’s going to help them make an impact on people like you. They motivate you to be happy because they’ve been in your shoes before. They know that no human should have to suffer from feelings of anxiety or depression all of their lives.

So, they make an effort to do so by being an example. You owe it to yourself to be happy whenever you can, the people who you look up to had to find out why they deserved to be happy and so should you.

You can have all of the help in the world to aid you in becoming a more positive person but it’s ultimately something that you’re going to have to figure out yourself.

Everyone has a trigger that's waiting to be hit that’s deep down inside of them. Something to help you hit this trigger is to remind yourself that you are deserving of happiness.

There is not enough time in your life to focus on sadness, if anything it just makes you fall further from where you’re striving to be someday. Keep telling it to yourself and you will come to realize that you have the option to accept or reject happiness.

Happiness in people has the power to change the world. Many people would rather be sad than happy because it’s an easier route to take.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Carrie Jones that says

“The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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