This is the Best Kind of Book You Can Read

Who doesn’t like a good parable?

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There are many books to choose from nowadays and there are many genres as well. Even if reading isn’t your thing, you can still appreciate a good book when coming across one.

What’s the last good book you’ve read? It doesn’t really matter what age you were when you read it, that book stands out to you for a reason. Some of the most cherished books of your childhood may have been books based on fiction or that told a good story.

Which do you prefer now in your life, a book with a good story or a book filled with facts? What’s interesting about factual books is that they almost all have the same format. It’s not that these books are boring or hard to read all of the time but they don’t give you that childlike spark that you got when you were a kid.

On the other hand, if you read too many fictional books despite the good stories that they provide, you may start to think of your life as a fictional story and expect things to happen in your life that comes from a book.

What happens when these two types of books collide? Well, you get my favorite kind of book which is a parable. A parable is a story that sheds light on a few life lessons in the form of a novel or even a short read.

These types of books are the best because you can have a fun time reading them along with learning a lot about your life and the world around you. These books tend to get overlooked in almost every genre, but they are most successful in Self-Help and Business.

This is because of these two genres being such deep topics to read about and to learn from. So, when an author comes along and puts either of these two genres into the form of a parable, it makes the book not only more marketable but a lot easier for readers to understand things about self-improvement and investing in stocks.

They Provide a Fun Story

Everyone likes a good story, it gives us a sense of joy that we don’t get to experience on a daily basis. It brings us back to our childhood when watching a Disney movie or getting tucked into bed followed by a book of our choice for that night to be read to us.

If you’re currently reading books that are too hard to read or just leave you feeling stressed out after each chapter then you may want to pick up a parable.

You would get the same lessons learned in a parable as in a hefty book like the one your reading now. Having a fun story to look forward to at the end of the night can give you a lot of optimism throughout your day.

No matter what obstacle you’re facing, you can still think about the parable that you can read when you get home. There’s no difficult process to choose which parable is right for you, just go to google and think about what genre you would like to read.

There are parables based on many things other than self-improvement and business. These stories are easy to relate to and you don’t have to go finding other books to help you understand one lesson from a book that isn’t making you happy.

Of course, it’s good to broaden your horizons when it comes to choosing which book to read but if you’re ever having trouble deciding, you know which type of book to go with.

Oftentimes, we don't learn a lot from a book because we can’t relate to it. The novel starts off with someone who’s in a higher tax bracket than us or someone who doesn’t match our personality at all.

In a parable, the author makes sure to make the protagonist relatable to everyone, no matter who you are. There’s something about the character that everyone understands, no matter their age or what they look like.

They Provide a Lesson

Learning about something we don’t know is one of the main reasons why we read books other than for enjoyment. Usually, it’s the title or recommendations from a website that get us into a certain book.

If you do enough research about a certain area that you would like to learn more about in your life, you will probably find that the most recommended books are parables. There are even some parables based on a true story which makes them even more interesting to read.

It’s to have a lesson learned after reading a book because you leave the book feeling like you actually learned something. This isn’t like school where you’re taught something for a full three months and then you forget it the next day when the semester is over.

Parables give you lessons that are actually applicable to life and they will be stuck in your mind forever. It’s a good kind of stuck to where you may be able to think back on it when in an emergency situation or you just need help getting motivated.

In the self-help genre, there are many parables to choose from. What they all have in common are the lessons they provide. The stories may be different but they all give similar, if not, the same advice when reading them.

These types of parables will talk about philosophy, being able to learn from your mistakes and one of the most important things in the self-help world which is self-care.

All of these lessons can be helpful to any human. When it comes to business parables, you may learn lessons about saving your money, having that saved money grow, and basic business principles that aren’t taught to you in school. What’s nice about business parables is they’re never hard to read and they make you feel like you’re actually in the story when you’re reading it.

Everyone Can Relate to These Novels

Another nice trait that parables tend to share is they are relatable to kids, adults, and even the elderly. You know you have a good novel in your hands when almost everyone in your family can learn something from it.

This creates the opportunity for you to share the book with more people than if you were to have a book written by Harvard. You can talk about the lessons learned from each book with people you know and have something in common that is helping you both grow.

It’s hard to share books with your friends because you guys may not like learning about all of the same things but parables provide a path for you both to take and earn from. You won’t feel left behind with a parable because it’s such an easy and free-flowing read. There are many books out there that leave readers feeling clueless and lost when they’re finished.

Some of the parables that I would recommend for you to take a look at are The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Go-Giver, and The Richest Man in Babylon. These are all books that will teach you about life and financial literacy by the time you’re done reading. I’ll leave you with a quote from Paul Claudel that says

“All that passes is raised to the dignity of expression; all that happens is raised to the dignity of meaning. Everything is either a symbol or parable.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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