Three Apps That Will Help You Start Meditating Today

Your journey starts today…

The Art of Meditation

The practice of meditation has been around since the beginning of time. While people are constantly searching for ways to stay calm throughout the day, this ancient practice has been the secret answer that everyone seems to overlook. Thanks to many celebrities, novels, and blog posts about the topic, meditation is now being embraced within the modern culture. It has even been introduced into different formats for people wanting to learn more about the subject. The most popular method is called guided meditation. This format serves as a voice-over to guide an individual into various techniques of mindfulness and mental clarity. From personal experience I’ve discovered three useful apps that will help the average human to start meditating as soon as today.


The first app that I want to introduce is called “Headspace.” The app was launched in 2012 and has been growing ever since. Headspace has been used by a wide range of people throughout the world and has impacted lives daily. The meditation app is constantly giving free sessions to their users and has two options for joining their “Headspace Plus” program which includes an annual payment plan for $69.99 or a monthly fee of $12.99. For myself I currently come back to the app monthly to use the free course called the “Basics” that helps me refresh my meditative methods to a simpler process. When becoming intrigued by the art of meditation there is always a starting point, Headspace is that starting point.


When you first open the Calm app, it greets you with an amazing few words that sets your mood for the next few minutes that says, ‘take a deep breath.” Right after, your ears are blessed with the sound of a running river that gives you a sense of peace instantly. Unlike most meditative apps Calm is very visual, for each course there is a different picture of nature and perfect weather. It grabs your attention from the moment you open the app to the time your session ends. While the Calm app is professionally set up and well designed, it does not offer many free trial experiences. The app currently consists of a seven-day free trial and an annual payment of $69.99 to use all features provided by the app. Despite the limited experience, paying users get to encounter all 13 topics that goes from self-care to sleeping rituals that are all spoken by professionals.

Waking Up with Sam Harris

The most recent meditation app to come into the mainstream is the Waking Up app by author Sam Harris. The app was launched in 2018 and has received positive reviews ever since. I heard about this app from another author who happens to be good friends with Sam Harris whose name is Tim Ferriss. Tim is also known for his love for meditation and has recommended this app through some of his podcasts along with his YouTube videos. The Waking Up app does provide some sessions for free that are very useful in different types of categories and can be played for later use. They also offer one subscription for access to all of its services which is an annual payment of $99.99 a year. A bonus feature that comes with the app is a built in timer for when you want to do your own method of meditation and is made for any level of meditation that you may be used to, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert.

For the most part, you cannot go wrong when choosing any of these applications. They all have one goal and that is to help you start meditating today. Once you take the time to observe each app and figure out the pros and cons of each, you can then decide what method will work best for you. Even if you come to the decision to not use any of the apps mentioned above, you can still make the effort to devote five to ten minutes of your day to focus on your breathing and to adopt a calmer lifestyle. I leave my readers with a quote by author Samuel Aun Weor that’s says “We must experience the truth in a direct, practical and real way. This is only possible in the stillness and silence of the mind; and this is achieved by means of meditation.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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