Three Habits You Need to Implement Into Your Life for More Peace

Reading, writing, and meditation

How many good habits do you have in your life right now? You probably have a few but why not add more? Especially habits that have the power to give you a calmer mindset in the midst of adversity.

Building new habits into your life takes time and effort but the process shouldn’t have to be as stressful as you may assume. Reading, writing, and meditation are three habits that you can use to find more peace. They sound simple to do and they are with the right mindset.

They all co-inside with each other and with this perfect trio you will begin to understand that you already have peace in your life, you just haven't been observing it well enough.

Good habits are the gateway to peace, they allow you to spend time doing something that is helping your overall well being, whether it’s your mental health or physical health.

In each of these habits, you’ll have the opportunity to experience flow. Flow helps us to obtain a state of focus that is also followed by a burst of positivity. Without the flow state in our lives, our days would be a lot longer and we may even feel like we lack purpose. Who knows, maybe your purpose can be found doing one of these three habits.

It’s ok to be a beginner to any of the topics I mentioned, there’s a first time for everything, and often your first time experiencing these different activities can be your most enjoyable.

In order to implement these three habits into your life properly, you’re going to have to have an open mind. Not having prior judgment that will influence your actions when immersed in the activity. Let’s talk about how you can start doing each of these techniques so that you can build them into productive habits in the future.

Reading At Least a Few Pages a Day

Have you heard of people that read for fun? Yes, this is an actual thing, people love to read, not necessarily because they have to but because they find it enjoyable.

There are two different states of reading that will allow you to enjoy the process more than you have in the past. The first state is the act of reading. In this state, you're focused on letting your mind escape reality. This can be seen as sitting down to read a book in a comfortable chair or even laying in bed. You’re comfortable and relaxed, which ultimately allows you to find peace.

The second way of reading can be to actually read for information or to be involved with the story that's going on. In this state you are purely locked in on the information that the book is giving you, you may not be so much relaxed as your mind is at work but you will enter a state of flow that will allow you to lost track of time or even worry about how comfortable you are when reading.

Start implementing reading into your life by reading one or two pages a day. This will help you get accustomed to what it's like to read consistently. After a few days of this have gone by start reading a chapter a day and expand your reading time. At the end of this process, you will find that reading any book or article with full attention will be easy to do.

It’s important that for reading, you’re not forcing yourself to do it every day if you don’t want to. You should take consistency into consideration but you don’t want to feel like you’re in school again.

Start a Blog or Buy a Personal Journal

Before you think about starting a blog, try writing in a journal first. Writing can help you get your thoughts out of your mind through another route other than talking or texting.

Often times, we express our feelings through our phones, those sentences don’t come out how we wanted them to and people may read them the wrong way.

This happens all the time with my close friends, even though I think a text I sent was innocent and easy to read, they interpret it as the complete opposite. Allow writing to be your way of expressing thoughts more simply.

When beginning to journal start off writing a few sentences a day. Write about how you’re feeling about the long day you’ve just had or write about how you’re feeling at that moment. Journaling can be done during any part of the day which will help you in times of stress.

Work your way up to writing more and more every day, you will see that this will come a little more naturally than reading because you’re expressing your personal thoughts. Don’t restrict yourself from writing anything, if there’s a word that you use but isn’t consider to be proper grammar, write in anyways.

Once you get more confident in your writing, you may get inspired to start a blog. Starting a blog will give you a lot of satisfaction in your life and will help you to be more productive. When doing an activity like this where you are adding value to other people's lives, you will start to feel purpose, which as I said before will help you find peace.

Blogging takes time to fully master, that is if you’re trying to blog in a certain way. Do it because you actually like to do it, remember if this does become something that you’re looking to do as a career be ready to have days that will not always feel peaceful.

When you start to write more blog posts each week, you'll experience the “flow state” once again. Find hobbies and activities like writing that will allow you to enter into a flow state and that way peace will come more naturally to you.

Meditating For Five to Ten Minutes a Day

In order to find a flow state with meditation, you need to find which method works for you. If you’re someone who is new to meditation, then you may find a lot of use in guided mediation. This form of mediation is done by listening to somebody tell you what to focus on while you are meditating.

There are many apps and YouTube videos that you can use when first starting out. One app that I highly recommend Is Headspace and taking the free “basics” course which helps you start your mediation journey within the span of ten days.

A Youtube channel that you may find helpful when beginning is Great Meditation, this channel will show you the different aspects of your body and mind that you should focus on for ten minutes. Meditation can take a lot of patience when first doing, you may want to begin and stick to a 10 to 15-minute routine.

With a more peaceful mind, you will soon come to realize that you will have a peaceful life as well. Meditating for this short time span daily allows eliminating all external noise and stress you’ve been experiencing that day.

Once you feel like you can meditate on your own after a few weeks of practice, start simplifying your thinking when doing the activity. One way to do this is to not focus on anything and to let your mind do whatever it wants to do.

If your mind wants to express happy thoughts let it do that, if your mind wants to express anxious thoughts then let it do that. This allows you to see the good and bad that's going on in your life and over time you’ll understand how appreciative you should be towards the good and how the bad isn’t really as bad as you may have thought.

Lastly, don’t look at meditation as a chore, if you need some time away from it then go ahead and do that. As much as I want this to be a habit you build into your life, it’s better to have it as a tool for whenever you feel depressed or anxious.

These three habits can help you become the peaceful person you’ve always wanted to be. Peace in itself is subjective but you’ll know when you’ve found it. I’ll leave you with a quote from Octavia Butler that says

“First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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