Three Reminders to Keep In Mind When Trying to Find Simplicity

How to keep things simple in life

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No matter how hard we try, it seems too hard to keep things simple. Our lives are filled with obstacles that make everything appear to be complicated. The truth is that we overcomplicate many things in our lives. Even the relationship we have with ourselves can feel messy at times.

How do we make things simpler?

Well, simplicity is all about flow, basically, everything seems to go as it’s supposed to when thinking of simplicity. But you and I know that nothing is simple about the lives we live. Whether we like it or not, things won’t always go our way and that's something to think about.

To this day we still complain when things don’t go our way because we think it’s not fair. Life isn’t fair ad it won’t be for the most part. We like to think that our life is complex, even when we make it complex ourselves. Overthinking and assumptions lead us into the unorganized life that we live now.

Let’s face it, simplicity makes everything easier. Not only at the moment but for the rest of our lives. Who do you know keeps their life simple? Is it a friend or a family member? Maybe it’s one of your coworkers that you admire. Why do their lives seem so simple?

It’s because they know that they are just humans on this planet. They do their part as a human and they leave it at that. Start looking at common situations where you tend to overcomplicate things or overthink.

Figure out the reasoning behind why you do that and try to change it. If this is too hard for you to do then start looking at the basic principles you were raised upon. Think back to times where life seemed simple, what’s different from then and now? Maybe you thought about the world less when you were younger, if that’s the case then you should maybe try to start living like you are young again. Let’s look at a few sayings that can remind you to keep things simple when troubled.

Do What Is Right

The first step in keeping life simple is to do the right thing when you can. There will be situations where you may feel like doing something like lashing out at somebody. In this situation, should you? Would it be the right thing to do? No, this simply creates arguments and gives you another enemy that you don’t need. If you’re opposed to lashing out then you are preventing an argument and you will learn more about the other person.

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, sometimes we get lazy or we let our anger take control of us. If you want more simplicity in your life then you need to have self-control, start working on this now, and later on, you will have more peace.

It’s almost like delayed gratification, making things more simple at the moment won’t always make things better right away but it always will in the future. Don’t try to outsmart nature, it’s impossible. If you believe in karma as much I do then you know nothing is more foolish than trying to cheat your way through life.

Do the right things even if it’s something that you don't want to do and if it comes with pain, just think about how much it will help you in the future. One way to do the right thing immediately in life is, to be honest.

When you were a child, lying may have saved you from getting in trouble at the moment but it ends up catching you later on. Making up a lie to impress somebody is exposing yourself. Put less stress on yourself by doing the right thing.

Teach this to everyone who is younger than you and let them become better at the age they’re at now than when you were that age. This is a simple rule that everyone should follow for as long as they live and your purpose cannot be fulfilled if you don’t keep this simple rule in mind.

Be In the Present Moment

One of the cliches that everyone in the self-help world follows but is true. If you want to find peace and simplicity then you will need to look no further than the present moment. Stop thinking about the past and the future and just think about now. There’s no point in putting yourself in those mindsets because they are simply out of your control!

Do what it is right in the present moment and you won’t have to suffer from anxiety and regret. It’s quite simple to do this no matter where you are or how you’re feeling. You can’t start by taking deep breaths and counting the amount of inhales and exhales you’re taking. On the inhale, you can say in your mind “one” and on the exhale you can say “two.” What you’re doing here is focusing on what you can control, which is your breath, and you're not thinking about anything else.

Maybe you’re having a bad day at work and you can get your mind off of that customer who yelled at you, escape that state of mind by doing some breathing exercises like the one I mentioned above and watch how you’re mindset changes.

That rude customer doesn't deserve your attention and that negative energy that they tried to put towards you is now eliminated by you being present. You’re going to end up forgetting about what happened with them in a matter of minutes.

Breathing is simple!

What other things can you do in the present moment to make your life more simple? How about clenching your fist and then opening your hands after clenching for five seconds. Your mind and your hand muscles are at work which causes you to aim your focus on something that is totally in your control.

How do you know that this action is in your control? Well, you can stop whenever you want, it’s not something that the world is doing to you externally, it’s all in your actions that keep you in control.

Become aware of your present mindset and your present body movements and you will see life more simply for what it truly is.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Treat People the Same Way You Would Want to Be Treated

Every single person that you know has some sort of battle they’re fighting. Whether it’s internal or external, it is our job as humans to help each other. I know, being selfish can feel like the easier route to take but all that does is lead you into a rabbit hole of stress.

If you feel like many of the relationships that you have now are soon to be in shambles, it may be because you think the relationship is all about you. Do you ever ask yourself how that person feels? Or why that person is in your life in the first place?

Treat people how you would want to be treated and you both will be happier in the relationship. Even people who you’re just meeting for the first time may not know how to treat you or how to act, be transparent with them, and talk to them how you would want them to talk to you.

Everyone likes attention, so give people time to be themselves and truly express what’s on their mind. There may be a time where you feel like a person is not being fair in a relationship, you have two choices. You can either leave the relationship or you can look within yourself to see if you’re really being fair or not.

This general principle makes you feel good and really puts your life into perspective. This reminder is part of keeping your life simple when having genuine relationships with people that you’re close to it makes life easier. You don’t have to stress about what that person thinks about you. Follow this rule if you want your relationships to be less complicated.

The more simple you keep things the easier of a time you'll have here on Earth. Share your simplicity tips with the world and don’t be stingy with them. I’ll leave you with a quote from William James that says

“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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