Two Simple Study Hacks For Students In Quarantine

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Why Do We Hate Studying?

Honestly, what’s the real reason why most students don’t like studying? It’s not entertaining, most of the time it’s usually about a subject that students aren’t interested in, and it usually leads to stress. Students were never taught on how to make studying more enjoyable. Instead of blaming teachers, it’s better for students to follow these simple tips and modify their studying environment for future assignments.

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The Pomodoro Method

Never heard of this process? Well for my fellow students out there you’re in for special secret. The Pomodoro method is a simple technique made for people to use their time more efficiently when it comes to work, school, or anything that requires focus for a limited amount of time. For students the shortcut goes as follows: First, figure out an assignment that you would like to work on. Next set a timer for 25 minutes, these minutes will be purely dedicated to your assignment with as much focus as you can put in. Lastly, when the timer goes off you can give yourself a short break to do whatever you’d like, once that time is up you can repeat the process. Before you know it, you’ll be studying for two hours or more each session.

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Should I Listen to Music While I Study?

This is optional for students; some students feel that they’re more focused with no music and some students like me are a little more attentive with certain type of music playing in the background. I was introduced to Lo-fi Hip Hop also known as “study music” this year and it has changed my studying technique for the better. This type of music consists of very catchy beats that are fully instrumental, mostly containing no lyrics. This here is a critical key into why this music has been so effective for me. The music makes feel relaxed and productive, without having any words to sing along to and get distracted.

Why Do We Actually Study?

While being in my third year at a university I still ask myself “What’s the point of studying this?” Students go through different phases during a semester, it’s never really talked about but it’s something that might answer questions about the use of studying. Some peers go through the honeymoon phase at the beginning of a semester where assignments are easy and require little effort outside of class. At the end of the semester, a common problem that students go through is burnout. After putting all of your energy through the first half of the semester, you start to do just enough to pass when it comes down to the final weeks. At this point students are not convinced that they’re grade can change and there’s no point of putting in at least a little more effort. So why do we study? It may be just be so we can get by or it may even be that we owe it to ourselves, so that we can feel like we put in some sort of effort to not fail a class. No matter what the reason is, studying can be used even outside of school to give people the discipline to sit down and focus on any complicated task that they encounter.

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