Using Animals to Ignite Creativity

These creatures have no idea of the impact they have on humans

Photo by Chewy on Unsplash

It’s crazy to think that animals still exist in this chaos of the world we live in. Despite many of these species going instinct, they still find a way to survive and provide a future for their species.

Creativity doesn’t always come easy to the human mind. It takes something very little or very big to spark some type of creative juices in our brains. Who knows where the human race would be if be were just as creative as some animals.

Are humans more creative than animals?

It’s all perspective, there are some things that humans do that animals can’t do and there are some things that animals do that humans cant do. I don't know about you, but this in itself motivates me to be more creative with whatever I’m doing. Most of the time, we think of animals as these little or big creatures that if we don’t bother them then they won’t bother us.

Safety is a concern when it comes to thinking about animals. You may show more affection to a cat that is your pet rather than a stray cat that has lost its way in the streets. That cat may carry all types of germs and may even be a little crazy. Little do you know, that cat has survived for a very long time on its own. It may not be the healthiest cat you have seen but its creativity has kept him alive.

Don’t disrespect animals that you don’t know, there is much to learn from them, if anything, we should be asking them for advice about how we can become better as a world.

Animals just keep it moving, they don’t do too much or too little, if something happens to them where their life is in danger then they will deal with it at the moment and forget about it when it’s over.

Why can’t our life be that easy?

Well, because there are consequences that we don’t want to face, animals, they’re not concerned about the consequences they live in the present moment and deal with life or death when it occurs to them.

Animals are Almost as Creative as Humans

Yes, we’ve built rocketships and used electricity to develop the world we live in today but animals have done things just as smart as humans to keep their genetics on this earth. Look at an insect-like an Ant, no matter how many times you try to kill them or how many times you spray your house down, they keep coming.

They don’t come in huge packs usually, but little by little. So much to the point where you see one every day, ants are creative, they know where to hide and how to get what they want. Although most ants are risking their lives every time they’re by a human, they don’t care. They’re trying to either find shelter for their fellow ants or trying to find food for their families.

Do you think that they know or care that they’re in your house? Those insects that are too fast for you to kill are creative in a sense too. They buzz around and live their lives in your home but when seeing you, they know that they are about to be dealing with something terrifying. They don't complain, they simply do what they can, they run and hope for the best.

Those little critters will even go in different directions so that you have a hard time removing them from your home. Once it’s over, they continue what they are doing and go about the next tasks of the day.

Have you ever watched the discovery channel? I find it interesting how much animals know and don’t know, they know when they’re being hunted and they know creative ways to defend themselves, whether it’s camouflage or using one of their fangs to intimidate predators.

It’s cool to see how predators catch their prey in creative ways. If you want some inspiration, look up the Discovery Channel on your t.v. and watch some documentaries about random animals you didn’t even know about.

Looking at Our Life From an Animals Perspective

Have you ever walked outside and see one of your neighbor's dogs staring at you? You didn’t do anything particular, they just have a suspicious gaze in your general direction. It’s like they’re looking at you right in your eye.

What’s going in on in the heads of these animals?

Do they see us as enemies or potential friends?

Animals always have things to do whether it’s getting food for their offspring or building a new home. They are never bored, it’s almost like they have the ultimate to-do list. This may make you a little jealous at times because of the simple lives they live but in reality, their lives are not that simple at all.

Again, they never worry, they take problems head-on and don’t look back. When you start to use your creativity more as a person, then you will sometimes experience burnout or boredom with what you're doing. Don’t rely on life to always be fun and exciting, it will do that when it wants to.

Your life depends on your perspective and if you see it as good, then you will have a good life, if you see it as bad then you will have a bad one. Creativity isn’t something that you can just pull from your back pocket, you have to go with nature and use what it gives you.

Animals are one with nature which allows them to be so in tuned with everything that they are doing. Sometimes it may look like animals are acting like robots but all they are doing is doing what they are meant to do. They are following their purpose, which a lot of humans don’t know what there’s is. If you can learn anything from animals then let it be to follow the natural order of the world. Then, you will certainly find your purpose.

Photo by Christopher Alvarenga on Unsplash

They Live Their Life to the Fullest

Animals do what is right, oftentimes they do make mistakes but unlike humans, they learn right away. If an animal goes into an area of the water and has a conflict with a predator then they know not to go back to that side of the water.

Doing what is right makes life so much easier in the long run, oftentimes we avoid doing what is right at the moment because it makes our life more simple for the moment. This is not good for us to constantly do because we are playing with the natural order of the world, we’re trying to bend the shape of the earth, which will have its consequences.

When I was younger, I used to lie about my age all of the time. It made me look cool at the moment but when it came down to doing certain activities with my friends I couldn’t because I wasn’t old enough which caused me embarrassment and a loss of friends.

Even if you walk outside right now and you see a squirrel roaming the streets, it’s not doing anything wrong but trying to survive. It’s looking for food and nothing more, not trying to play with what nature has given him.

Animals have much to teach us about ourselves and the people with who we surround ourselvs every day. Don’t be hateful towards animals, instead be a student to them and treat them with respect. I’ll leave you with a quote from James Herriot that says

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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