Using Prayer to Regain Focus

Your thoughts need to be heard…

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Prayer has been used by many people for centuries and is still used today. Prayer helps people to think about what’s been bothering them the most and it gives them an opportunity to communicate with God about what they should do.

There are different ways of prayer but what’s most important about prayer is the conversation that you’re having with God. You don’t have to stress about losing focus or thinking about something negative because He knows what you’re trying to do and He understands.

Having someone to talk to when you wake up or when you’re about to go to sleep is a very comfortable feeling and you go through life with less stress. Don't get me wrong there will be stressful situations but you have Him to lean on and to take care of those situations for you.

Not every prayer session that you have with Him is going to be perfect either but consistency is what’s important. The more you pray to Him, the deeper a relationship you're building with Him.

We also can't forget to thank God and praise Him when things are going well. It’s not bad to go to Him when we’re having trouble in our life but we must also thank Him too.

He may not answer our prayers right away but He’s always in the process of doing so. This can really test your patience but when you believe in what he can do, you will wait for however long you want to.

If you feel like you’re starting to lose focus in everything you do then your best bet is to pray. Remember, there doesn’t need to be an exact structure to how you pray but when you build it into your daily routine, you’re able to talk to Him whenever you feel like it.

God is always ready to listen and He doesn't bash you for complaining to him. He knows what’s best for you and He helps you to realize all of the blessings that you have in front of you right now.

Letting Out Negative Emotions

Speaking to God can be very therapeutic, He is your lifelong therapist and just because you may not hear Him talking to you directly, He is giving you signs daily. Do you know of those signs where you start to question your reality? You think it’s a sign but you don’t want to acknowledge it.

These signs are real and you need to accept them into your life because He has allowed you to realize them for a reason. Even if we experience negative thoughts daily, we may not have someone here on Earth to talk to all of the time.

No matter how many friends you have or if you have a therapist or not, there will be times where your mind feels stuck and you don’t have anyone to talk to. Or maybe you’re like me where you feel like you’ve been complaining too much as of recently.

This may feel like you have nowhere to turn but you have God and He’s waiting for you to close your eyes and tell him what’s wrong. He’s happy that you’ve come to him and He will acknowledge the fact that you did come to him.

God will give you certain people in your life to talk and vent to but most of the time He wants you to go to him for any trouble you’re having. God is in control, once you understand that then he will make your life a lot more understandable.

You may be thinking “ If He already knows what’s on my mind, then why do I need to speak to Him?” Well, ask yourself this, don't you want answers? How are you supposed to get the answer to something that’s bothering you if you’re not willing to ask?

It’s that simple and He makes that clear for everyone, prayer is not only a way to escape, it’s also a way for you to practice how you should be asking for things that you truly desire.

Think about what God had already blessed you with, he has already answered a lot of your prayers. You’ve just happened to get used to them for a while so you may have forgotten to acknowledge him when they were answered.

Last semester I prayed and prayed that I would pass this one class for my major and when the semester was over I was under the assumption that I didn’t pass. It wasn't until a few months later where I spoke to my advisor that I found out that I did end up passing the class.

He answered my prayer, it wasn’t when I expected Him to but He did and this was just one of the few times where He was able to help me realize the power of what He can do.

Focusing On What You Want

During your prayer, you might find yourself thinking really hard about what you truly want from God. This can even cause you to get a small headache from time to time because you want to ask Him what you want with good intentions.

This really makes you think about what you’re asking for and when you start to pray often, you realize that what you think you want isn’t actually what you want. For example, instead of saying you want money, you may actually want freedom.

Prayer helps you understand what you actually want out of life and makes your thoughts more clear throughout the day. Even when you write down a list of the things you want you may find yourself stuck before even writing down your first word because you start to think about what you’re going to write.

You want to feel good and honest when asking God for something and even if you can’t give Him an exact request, he knows exactly what you mean. Your thoughts are powerful on their own but when you share your thoughts with God they become even stronger.

Get comfortable with asking God for what you want, don’t feel ashamed, we all have things we want. If you have people in your life where you don't feel comfortable sharing these kinds of requests with then that’s okay.

You can always go to God and let him know how you’re feeling and what you think you need in order to keep moving up in life. Depending on where you are in your life then your request may be different from someone else’s.

Someone who’s in their teenage years may ask for something like a game system, whereas someone in their twenties may ask for something like a romantic partner. Don't feel bad for wanting the things that you want because everyone has their desires and only they and God what know what those desires truly are.

Less Stress=More Focus

The more stress you have, the more cluttered your mind will be. It’s frustrating when you have the energy to take action in your life but you can’t because your mind is filled with negative thoughts.

In order to get rid of some of this stress need to go back to prayer whenever we can to clear our heads. You’re able to give your attention to certain tasks when you don’t have so much on your mind.

Prayer is a time of getting these thoughts out into the open and out of your head. Once these thoughts are out of your head, they give you more space to think about more positive things in your life. Your productivity goes up and you are able to take on whatever life has to give you and all of this is possible through strength and answers that God has provided for you.

Prayer is a technique that allows you to communicate your issues and your thanks to God. Use prayer to regain focus in your life, so that you can show others what God can do for them. I’ll leave you with a quote from Max Lucado that says

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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