What Happens When You Don’t Have Enough Music In Your Life

How many songs do you know word for word?

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Music has been apart of almost everyone’s life, everyone has heard music or seen music being played. It’s more than talent at this point, it’s an art. This is why many modern musicians are called artists, they do more than make music, they transform lives as well.

Music has helped a lot of people get through tough times in their life and music has helped people to celebrate as well. You probably listen to music almost every day, just seeing “music” in the title probably caused you to click on this article.

There can never be too much music in our lives, there are students who use music to help them study because they’re so used to it being in the background of where ever they were.

Music is everywhere and it’s anywhere you can think of, music is also a big part of other countries in the world and it’s cool to have the ability to listen to music from different countries.

The United States has been very welcoming to the hip hop artist of the U.K. who produce and rap over “drill-like” beats. These beats contain a lot of bass and have the impact of causing people to dance to the music without much movement.

This music has become so accustomed to the American culture that it can be seen in viral TikTok videos and many American hip hop artists also use these beats in their latest songs.

If you feel like you’re not getting enough music in your life then you may need to try something new. You can see the difference in your lifestyle when you don’t have enough music in it.

Even though you’re hearing bits and pieces of music daily, you may not be taking the time to actually sit down and listen to the music that is playing. Remember, music is more than words, it’s an art that everyone can learn from and use to their advantage when trying to live a more fulfilled life.

Lack of Motivation

A lack of motivation in your life can be due to a lack of music in your life. How many times has music helped you push through adversity and get through the day?

If you ever played sports in your life then you have listened to music before playing in a game or when on your way to the park. There are many basketball players who use music as a tool to get them ready for before the game and use musical lyrics during the game to keep them focused.

Music can help you get out of the rut you’ve been in for weeks, give it a chance and listen to some of your favorite artists. It’s easy to use music as motivation because it’s so accessible now.

In the early 2000s, people had to burn CDs just to have music to carry with them. As time went on music started to become accessible through the internet and now many artists use the internet only to put out their music. Every now and then you’ll have an artist come out with a CD or vinyl of their latest album.

It’s okay to be unmotivated at times but it’s not good to stay unmotivated for the rest of your life. Do something about this lack of motivation, there are many ways to find motivation but one of the easiest processes to find some is through music.

Listen to songs that have motivated you in the past, sometimes all it takes is a few words to help you get out of bed and chase your dreams. This is why you see people listening to music while they work out, it gives them an extra push.

At the end of the day you have to be self-motivated in order to become the person you want to become but this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little help from time to time.

If you hear a song that causes you to become motivated and ready for any challenge, save it for the next time you’re feeling down. You won’t regret making this move. Music is already important to your life so why not use it to help you be motivated in all aspects?

Lack of Creativity

Music has the power to inspire people like you and me, if you’re lacking creativity then you already know where to go. Artists spend multiple hours a day on songs they make. They’re always making sure that they’re producing the best content for their fans and for themselves too.

Artists take pride and in their work and they want to be proud of what they create. This is why artists are so happy when they win an award like a grammy because they like the fact that their creativity is being recognized.

Although you may not get recognized for the stuff you do on a day-to-day basis, still take pride in it and let your creativity run wild. A lot of artists are able to overcome “writer’s block” by listening to music that has inspired them in the past.

Writer's block is an issue where an artist, writer, or even movie director has a hard time coming up with anything to write about. This can cause delays in projects that they should be working on and can cause these creatives to feel like they lack purpose in their lives. It’s a very tough time for these writers and it can cause a lot of stress and negativity to come into their lives.

Using music as a tool to get out of a slump like that can be very helpful and causes artists to create music better than they’ve ever created before. Maybe you’re a creator yourself, even if you don’t create music and you’re a blogger like myself then you can still use music to light a flame in your creative juices.

One of the artists I like to listen to for creativity is pop singer Frank Ocean. When hearing his music you can hear the amount of work that goes into his songs and he’s also infamous for taking very long to release his musical projects because of the perfectionist that he is. There will be times where you lack creativity but just know that with the sound of music you don’t have to suffer anymore.

Lack of Happiness

Music brings you happiness because of how relatable it is, have you ever heard a song that gives you chills or makes you smile? Picking out the songs that give you the most joy and putting them into their own playlist will help you to be a happier person.

Remembering these songs in your head while you’re at work or while you’re doing something that is very tiresome will give you a lot of energy immediately.

These songs can be any ones of your choice, you may see a song that rings you happiness but to someone else, it may not be. That’s perfectly fine as long as you find happiness in it.

Share these songs with others who may be feeling down or who are giving you negative vibes. Music is more enjoyable when you have someone else listening to it with you. Don't be ashamed of the music you listen to, if it makes you happy then it’s music that was meant for you to listen to.

You need more music in your life if you’re not feeling fulfilled. Music is the key to overcoming many of life’s obstacles. I’ll leave you with a quote from William Shakespeare that says

“If music be the food of love, play on.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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