What to Keep in Mind When Looking Up to Somebody

Do you really know the person who you look up to?

Brandon Bell
6 min readJun 2, 2021


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Throughout our life, we look to different people who have some sort of influence in our lives. When we were kids it could’ve been Superman, when we were teenagers it could’ve been a musician and as adults, we look up to authors, mentors, and even people with high status.

It’s not a bad thing to look up to somebody, you just have to understand that you are your own person and there's nothing you can do to become that exact person you look up to. There’s nothing more refreshing than finding out about somebody who has a mindset that piques your interest.

The way in which we find out about people like this is through online videos, books, and even through mutual friends. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve found out about somebody interesting through my friends.

This was the case for me when I started studying rapper, Big Sean. One of my closest friends tried to tell me about his music for years but I wouldn't listen. It wasn't until I heard the rapper open up about his mental health and spiritual journey where I started to become interested.

Sometimes you have to give people a chance, you may not like what you’re hearing from them but there’s also some truth that you’re not hearing as well. Think of the people who you look up to now? Think about all of the controversial things they take full pride in.

You know what they mean when talking about those certain subjects but many people don’t. Looking up to somebody takes a lot of courage to do because you are listening to somebody who is speaking things that you agree with, but others don’t.

How do you explain somebody like this to your friends and family? It’s complicated but that person’s message is only meant for you to hear at the present moment.

They Have Flaws Too

The people who you look up to may seem like they have life figured out but the truth of the matter is that nobody does. Life is a game that everyone has to play and unlike most games, you get to choose what happens and who you listen to.



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