Why Are Relationships So Famous?

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In each phase of our lives, emotions seem to grow more and more without us realizing it. When being young, new experiences tend to determine our day to day actions and can even alter our thought sequences as well. Meeting someone new that fulfills your needs and makes you feel cared about is one of the best feelings in the world. No, I’m not talking about family or best friends, but something more. Something that is unexplainable. They make you feel all warm inside and show you the true definition of romance. Leading up to that title of boyfriend or girlfriend you both are having a good time, not even worrying about what the future holds. The feelings you have for that person seem to grow the more you hang out with them. You think what you guys have is mutual and it will last forever. Maybe it will, relationships are beneficial, whether you’re in one or not. Do us “young adults” know what love is? Here’s why everyone in this age range should question themselves about being in a relationship.

“Love is just a word until someone comes and gives it meaning.”

-Paulo Coelho

Earlier I mentioned people having their needs being fulfilled. This subject can be hard to explain but easy to understand. When being single you experience times of loneliness and you crave certain situations that are not likely to happen. I can’t tell you what every person in the world wants right now, but I do know that everyone has wanted attention. Even though it may sound ignorant its true, we’re human. Intimacy in a relationship is important, also it gives you a sense of comfort. You go back to feeling cared for, it’s almost like you never want it to end. As young adults, when going through that experience we should ask ourselves “will this last forever?” Is this going to give me fulfillment every time?

When I think of relationships, a constant phrase always goes through my head. I want to bring up technology because of the late-night conversations that happen daily with your partner over the phone. Phone calls are a more than convenient way to talk to your lover when not being able to see them in person. Sometimes you’re talking to that person for so long that you both fall asleep. Those deep conversations also help you find out so much about that person. This can also be the time where you fall in “love” with the person. During these hours you can find your partner in there most vulnerable state. Even seeing that person’s face via facetime, is something special, these are the moments that you miss when they’re gone.

“Don’t keep your heart safe…be vulnerable.”

-John Mayer

What is love? I assume that I’m too young to know. Is that something young adults should be looking for? Through experience, I can say that I thought I was in love. It may sound immature or even cliché, but its honest. Sometimes with people in this upcoming generation, the word “love” gets thrown around a lot. Falling in love with a person is just not as easy as falling in love with videogames. For the people that have found love, I congratulate you, I have many questions too. Is love just a thing for us young people that is cool to say? Is it a true feeling that can be explained? For everyone who is young or not, is love all that we need to be happy? One thing that I find funny is how everyone has a different exposition to what love is, it’s not only funny but amazing how much one word can have such a huge impact on the world.

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