Why Audiobooks Aren’t a Bad Choice

Why paper and audio go good together

Hardcover and paperback books have been around forever but their time may be up sooner or later. With everything being turned into a technological service, these types of formats for books can be nonexistent within a matter of time.

One format that we are left with though is the format of an audiobook. You’ve probably heard of an audiobook and you’ve probably been offered tons of free trials to any book that you may have found interesting.

Audiobooks are great in many ways but they can be hard to learn from at times due to the fact that you don’t have pages you are reading from right in front of you. You’re not able to take notes right away unless you have some scratch paper with you and you have to struggle to go back to the exact timestamp of the sentence you would want to write down.

Despite these difficulties that come with many audiobooks, they tend to have some benefits as well that we’re going to get into a little later in the article.

Which type of book do you prefer and does it really make a difference?

It depends on which you were introduced to first because this is the type of book that you’re used to. There are people who like both formats equally and actually like to read along in their physical book to the voice of the author from the audiobook.

Not every audiobook that you listen to is going to have the voice of the author, it’s usually someone else that they’ve decided to give the honors to. Not every author has a voice that can keep the attention of their readers so they will hire someone to read the book for them. The change in the way we read books is getting closer and closer and before we know it physical books will be gone forever.

Hearing Someone’s Voice

When a voice from the audiobook is reading the words from a book, the words tend to have more meaning. You get to understand how the author was trying to write the book and phrase different sentences.

This probably reminds you of what it’s like to read a text message that someone sends you and the tone of the text is completely different in your head than the tone the messenger was actually implying. Are you supposed to know how the author was meant to sound?

What’s interesting about physical books is that we get to interpret what we think the author is implying and how the author sounds. This can create a huge impact on how we perceive a book, who knows, you could be taking the wrong message away from the book while reading.

How you interpret a book matters, does this mean we should be listening to more audiobooks to understand what the author actually means? This is totally up to us and whether we understand what the author is saying or not, we still have the choice to decipher what they’re saying and learn from it.

Who knew that an active voice can be so important to a book, it’s cool to listen to audiobooks, it's like you're able to listen to the author write the book, without them erasing anything they write.

You may also be someone who is better at listening and is able to learn more from listening than having something visual. This is another reason why audiobooks have become so important to the mainstream, the choice is yours but don’t be surprised when you see audiobooks becoming the number one format for book readers in a few years.

Get ready to take notes as if you were listening to a lecture in class because that’s what it’s going to feel like. Or you can just sit back and relax to the author's voice for however long you want to.

They’re Good For On the Go

Let's be honest, we get busy and we don’t always have time to sit down and read a book. For some of us, we’re able to take the time to make sure we get our daily reading in but for others, it can be hard to find the time.

This is where audiobooks become very useful and they help people to be more productive and more creative. If you ever have time in between your responsibilities during the day then you can pop in your earbuds and listen to your favorite audiobook.

If you have time to listen to music daily then you have time to listen to an audiobook as well. Your choice of which audiobook you decide to listen to is important because these are not three to five-minute songs you’re listening to, these are eight hours or more of audio you’re listening to.

Choose a book that you think is going to be good to listen to for the next two weeks. Whenever you’re on your way to work or on the road, pop on your audiobook and see what you can learn. It may be weird to listen to at first but it becomes pretty easy to do after a while.

What’s also cool about most of the apps that provide audiobooks is they save the timestamp from when you last listened so that you don’t have to go back and try and find where you left off.

You could also consider this benefit over a physical book because there are times where you may lose the page you were on in your book because of an unfolded page or a small bookmark that has fallen out somewhere.

The creators of these audiobooks are definitely keeping their customers in mind and make sure that people can listen to these books while doing something else.

Listening to audiobooks can be enjoyed while working on essays for school, working out, or even making some homemade food. Audiobooks don’t require you to be seated in order for you to listen to them, they were made as a convenience so that people could listen to them while doing something else that's important to them as well.

Nice Addition For Regular Book Readers

When you listen to an audiobook version of a book you've already read, you may start to have a different opinion about the book. Regular book readers are able to compare this to when they first originally read the book.

This is an interesting experience because not only do you learn something new about the book but you get to challenge your previous opinions before listening.

This is a great way to revisit books you haven’t read in a while, sometimes we lose books or give them away, and finding them can be a hassle. Audiobooks give you the option to find that book and listen to it within a matter of seconds.

You probably end up hearing words in the audiobook that you don’t remember reading in the physical book as well. For the people who are avid book readers, don’t be scared to try this new version of books, they can provide a lot of value to your comprehension skills and can give you entertainment from wherever you are.

Give audiobooks a chance once you have the time for it, it won’t be hard to make time for these books because they’re so convenient to listen to.

Audiobooks are a great start to building a productive habit into your life. If you don’t like to read physical books try reading an audiobook and leave a comment on how it made you feel. I’ll leave you with a quote from Shana Chartier that says

“Someone needs to buy a radio station, then play nothing but audiobooks, with a different genre of the book played at set times. That way we can always have something new to read, no matter where we are.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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