Why Being Yourself Is So Hard

You can’t please everybody

Brandon Bell
6 min readJun 18, 2021


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Have you ever been out and about, whether you were at work or at a social event and you can’t figure out why it’s so hard to be yourself? When we walk out the door and leave the comfort of our homes we are surrounded by people who we may see on a regular basis and people we don’t see.

Even when we’re around the people we do know, we have to put on some sort of act to communicate with them. This can be changing our vocal tones, standing a certain way, or even smiling when we don’t want to.

It’s scary to think that if we were to be our complete selves in front of people we don't live with that they may look at us in a certain way. While this may be the case at first, people will start to act like themselves around you if you start to act like yourself around them.

This is how people become friends and make connections but unfortunately, it can’t be done with everybody you meet. People were raised differently than you, they may have beliefs that you don't believe in as well.

Having a conflict of beliefs and principles is what makes finding connections amongst one another so hard. You can either choose to be yourself or choose to be someone you’re not for a few moments.

But, there are people who are able to be themselves while also putting on a little acting as well. If you run into your boss on your way to work in the car, you may try to wave at them and ask them how they’re doing.

Of course, it’s common courtesy to ask how someone is doing but you know deep down inside that’s it's not a major concern of yours. You’re more worried about how your boss views you inside and outside of work.

Being yourself 24/7 isn’t easy but can be done with the right amount of courage and practice. Don't feel bad for feeling like you’re not being your true self at times because it’s likely that not everyone else is doing it either.

Wanting to Make a Good Impression

Who doesn't want to make a good impression whenever they’re interacting with somebody? The only time where we could care less about the impression we have on somebody is if we’re talking to friends or close family members.



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