Why Doing Nothing Can and Can’t Work

A few options to take when figuring out your purpose

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it a job that you have, people you have to take care of, or because you actually want to? The responsibilities we have here on earth came to us unexpectedly. We weren't born into these responsibilities, they came over time by the decisions we made and by the people we met.

If our fate here on earth was already mapped out, is there a point in even trying?

Can we just sit around and let our fate take its course? If it’s already made then why is there a need to still depend on a bigger and better life than we have now? We all have our reasons why we live the life that we live and our reasons for having the dreams and goals we have.

Everyone is unique in this way but also alike, is there a chance that we all have the same purpose while we are alive? Some people make their purpose more visible than others because of the kind of work they do. These people include athletes, musicians, and even professional cooks.

It’s like we all fit into one big puzzle at the end of the day. Each of our purposes is a piece of the puzzle and they all have to connect in order to make the picture clear. This picture is what makes the world go round. As long as we all live our lives and take off our responsibilities then the world stays balanced, even if we have days where we give up on our passions, the world still finds a way to stay aligned.

Isn’t that crazy to think?

No matter what we do, the earth will still keep spinning and spinning, life goes on whether we like it or not. How do we get satisfaction out of our lives now?

Well, it’s done by trying to find a fulfilling purpose. There will be obstacles all of us have to go through but they are necessary in order for us to grow and in order for us to have responsibilities. The world is one big equation, the energy that we put into the world is the energy that we will get out of it.

Yes, Keep Trying

Let’s look at the optimistic approach to why we should keep trying. What does it mean to “try” when it comes to our fate. This simply means taking action, still striving to accomplish goals.

No one was taught to accomplish a financial dream by doing nothing, it just doesn’t make any sense. We were taught that you have to work hard for goals like this and not only work hard but work smart too.

Our purpose here on earth keeps us going whether we realize it or not. Even me writing this article was a contribution for me to get out of bed this morning, this writing helps me to feel like I’m doing something productive.

In order to reach our dreams, we need to take steps in order to get there. These steps are different between each and every one of us. Someone's step right now for them may be to finish school, someone else’s step right now may be to find a second job.

The more we take notice of these steps and see them as opportunities, we will not only get closer to our goals but life will become more exciting as well. Let’s be honest, the reason why we grind so hard and work extra hours is that it gives us a sense of pride. It makes us believe that we’re doing something right. This is because we know that everyone is not willing to stay an extra hour at work or no one is willing to start on a school project months before it’s due.

We want to be different, we don’t want anyone to tell us that we’re not working hard enough. It seems unrealistic to be able to wake up and have a million dollars or to wake up and get a call from our dream job. The only way we know how to make that happen is by putting in the work and hoping for the fruits of our labor later.

As much as we want to give up and just be ordinary, we have to remember that the work that we’re putting in now will be worth it in the end. Yes, we are taking a gamble on ourselves here but since when has anyone had our full support in the first place. Remember, this is just a positive way of looking at our fate.

No, Give Up

We’ve all had thoughts about giving up, it can actually be very tempting at times, especially when we see no results. If our fate is unchangeable and already set out for us then why even try. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we didn’t have to do anything else? Our fate may not bring us the money we want to see or the amount of fame we want but it brings us what we were supposed to get.

No one knows what this exact thing is but some would say that it’s what we deserve. Being able to wake up and stay in bed would be nice if we didn’t have responsibilities. But, because of fate, we shouldn’t have to worry about how these responsibilities would pan out.

If we decided to not go to work one day versus us still going to work that day, what would happen? Is our fate questionable here? Is there a way to alter our fate and change into something that we want it to be? Think about deja vu, even if we dream about something happening and we try to alter that dream in real-time, the dream still plays out accordingly.

There’s literally nothing you can do to break the matrix. It seems like our fate is based on our intuition, our feelings at the current moment. Even if we don’t want to go to work one day, something inside of us will cause us to get up and put on our uniforms. Something will cause us to get up and drive our way down to our next shist.

It’s a tricky thing to take into consideration. If our fate is already set out then what do we have to stress about? Life will happen as it does anyway. What we want in the future may not be what our fate has for us. In that case, what do we do? Do we give up and let life take its course? Or do we find a way to keep trying and build motivation every day to accomplish our goals?

The Choice is Yours

Take time to think about your fate, there’s no rush into a straight decision of what you should be doing from now on. Just know, that everyone has their fate chosen out for them and that even though yours may be different from others, it’s what makes you special.

Even if your plan for life isn't clear right now, rely on your fate to give you an answer and to give you motivation for today and tomorrow. Live each day with some type of intention, if not, life gets boring and that's no fun for anyone.

Remember that all you have is the present moment and all that you can control is how you think. How do you view the world as of right now? Do you think it’s on your side or no? Whoever side it’s on, don’t question your fate, let it do what it has to do in order for you to figure out your purpose for being here.

Whether you try or not, your life will take its natural course. Just remember how accomplished you want to feel at the end of the day. I’ll leave you with a quote from Roy T. Bennett that says

“Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.”

A young adult who’s writing is geared towards self-improvement and self care. “We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

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